Web development

Websites. Widgets. Web apps.

We develop tools that create deep connections with customers.

It’s how we prove our value – by building web assets that prove yours.

We could ask what you want from a website...

Because we have the expertise to build it.

But is that really the right question?

Or should we ask: “what do your customers want from you online?”

We think that’s a better place to start. So we focus on customers’ needs first. That’s what tells us the right type of web property to design and develop – be it a website, app, or widget.

We speak your language

Our skilled technicians love to talk JavaScript, JSON, and jQuery.

But to most people, it might as well be Japanese.

That’s why they’ll explain the build process to you in plain English.

They’ll update you on progress – in straightforward terms – from start to finish.

And they’ll follow up with you after launch to ensure everything’s running smoothly.

Featured case study

Immigration Advice Service (iAS)

The Immigration Advice Service (iAS) website did not reflect their market position as leading legal experts. And the manual process of uploading content was draining legal professionals’ time.

So CandidSky delivered a new website that helped iAS achieve:

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My website has been hacked! How do I fix it?

No matter which platform you’re using, and what anybody may tell you, any website can be hacked! Hacking essentially means someone has gained unauthorised...

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