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ROI from organic SEO


Increase in new traffic/users

The brief

Complete Construction Products have access to one of the largest building product ranges in the UK, including products from all the major manufacturers and less widely known specialist products.

Candidsky’s brief was to increase revenue by making the site healthier and increasing organic rankings for high-converting keywords in the construction product industry. 

Increase product sales through organic

Increase organic traffic

Improve organic rankings for construction related product terms

How We Did It

Building a stronger online presence

We knew that improving online rankings in a competitive e-commerce market would be difficult, so we had to create an SEO strategy that focused on a range of keywords that could perform well for the specific brands, products and categories that already existed on the site. 

This, in turn, dictated our content strategy moving forward as we had to optimise these pages with keyword-rich, user-focused content that was going to rank well in the search engines. This included on-page SEO optimisation techniques such as: creating category page content across all of these landing pages and adding FAQs with schema (Structured Data) to increase visibility across SERPs for long tail keywords. 

We also considered the internal linking structure of this website making sure that all relevant pages point to each other. This also includes making sure they had a clean, descriptive URL structure, which was a vital part of our strategy.

Long Tail Keywords are vital in the trade industry

Once all the category pages were content-rich and the brand pages had been optimised, one of the ways we drove qualified tradespeople to the site included long-tail keywords. This is because people already working with these products have brand loyalty and know what they want to use and buy. This means optimising specific products that have search potential. Doing this increased our rankings and, in turn, conversions significantly over a 2-year period.

Results that speak for themselves.

6th Nov 2020 – 2022

  • 1417% ROI from 6th November 2020 – 2022.
  • 263% increase in new users/organic traffic.
  • 3.11%  E-commerce Conversion Rate on organic traffic throughout.
  • 81% of all transactions within this period came from organic traffic.

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