Paid Media Services

Increase your conversions, sales, revenue and ROIs with our bespoke paid media services.

We provide a selection of paid media services to help your business reach its goals. This includes everything from social media marketing to paid media strategy. Our experienced paid media team will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide bespoke solutions for your business.

Whether you’re new to paid media campaigns or you’re not getting the results you want, Candidsky can help. Our data-driven approach will help you get the most out of your paid media strategies and help your business grow.

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Our Paid Media Services

Social Media

Our team will design a custom social media marketing plan that matches the unique needs of your business.

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Paid Media Strategy

Extract the maximum value from your paid media budgets with our paid media strategy services.

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We offer comprehensive PPC and Google Ad services to businesses that want to generate consistent positive returns on their ad campaigns.

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Display Retargeting

We run streamlined retargeting campaigns for businesses to help them take advantage of warm leads and increase their ROIs.

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What is paid media?

Paid media is paid for advertising or promotion of a brand, product or service. Utilising digital channels like social media, PPC and Google ads can put you in front of highly engaged customers.

The right paid media campaign will get your products and services in front of your target consumer when they’re ready to convert. This will result in an increase in traffic, brand awareness, sales and revenue for your business.

Paid media covers PPC, Google Ads, Retargeting & Paid Social Advertising (Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin). It allows you to be very targeted with your messaging and provide a personalised approach to your consumers. Campaign success is measured with metrics such as website conversion rates, ad click-through rates and ROI. We analyse this data to find what works for your business and continually improve your campaign.

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Why is paid media important?

As the online space gets more competitive and crowded, you’ll need to make sure you have the right marketing strategy in place to capture and keep your audience’s attention. Paid media services are crucial to help your business reach the right audiences but also stay ahead of your competition.

We offer an array of paid media services including paid social ads, PPC advertising and paid display advertising, as well as paid social strategy and paid search strategy. All of these options have their own benefits and we’ll listen to your needs to find the right option for your business.

Paid media offers a range of benefits for online businesses, including:

  • Instantaneous results
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Cost-effective
  • Specific and granular audience targeting

It is crucial that businesses have access to experienced paid media services. This ensures that you keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape and maximise your return on investment. That’s where Candidsky comes in. Our paid media team can develop a strategy that gets your business in front of the right audiences.

Our paid media services include the following...

Pay per click

Are you wasting your budget on PPC ads that don’t convert? Have you seen your ROIs plateau? Are you not targeting the right audiences? We can help.

As part of our PPC services, we’ll carry out an in-depth paid search audit to identify any issues with your campaigns. We’ll then work with you to create paid search strategies that meet your business goals and the needs of your audience.

Even the most effective PPC campaigns require ongoing optimisation, management and attention to ensure they’re always performing. This involves tasks such as regular paid search audits, keyword research and competitor analysis to ensure your campaigns are always on track.

With Candidsky’s paid media team on your side, you can rest assured that your PPC campaigns are in safe hands. We’ve managed campaigns for both B2B and B2C sector organisations, so have the right skills and experience to handle any PPC task.

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Display & retargeting

We offer paid display advertising including banner ads, rich media and video ads across various types of online channels. Our team can also create effective retargeting campaigns to help you get your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

We’ll also provide ongoing optimisation, management and reporting so that you receive the most out of your campaigns with us behind the wheel. If needed, we’ll also carry out A/B testing across different creatives to maximise engagement and conversions.

Display ads and retargeting can benefit your business by:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Sending paid traffic to your site, blog or social media accounts
  • Allowing you to track paid performance over time
  • Supporting paid search campaigns
  • Lowering the cost per lead

Right now, thousands of people are searching online to discover the products and services you offer. And they’re not finding what they need – until they come across your paid display ads. With our paid search team on board, you can make sure this is happening as frequently as possible to boost your business results.

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Paid media strategy

When we create paid media strategies for businesses, there’s no guesswork involved. As a data-driven agency, we’ll use your existing paid media insights (as well as generating new data) to streamline your strategies and get the results you need to grow.

Whether you’re new to paid media or your existing campaigns require some fine-tuning, our paid media strategists can help. We’ll conduct a detailed audit of all of the paid media channels you’re currently using to assess your current position. We’ll ask questions like:

  • How are your paid media adverts performing?
  • What paid media channels are converting best?
  • Which paid media channels are underperforming, and which need to be brought into line with the rest of your paid strategies?

We’ll use this data to create a paid media strategy that’s tailored to your business goals. We can also help you implement changes across all paid media channels, including paid social ads.

By analysing search, social media and display ad performance, we can determine where new opportunities lie for your campaigns – whether it’s using re-marketing tactics for higher conversions or leveraging search insights more effectively. With our insight at hand, you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of paid media.

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Why choose us as your paid media agency?

We offer a comprehensive paid media service, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business. From bespoke paid media strategies to paid search and paid social campaigns, we’ll help you generate better results from every investment you make in paid advertising.

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Paid media is digital marketing that you pay for an agency or freelancer to work on, whereas owned media is any web property that you can control and is unique to your brand.

Choosing the right paid media channel depends on your product or service. B2C businesses typically benefit from Google Ads, Retargeting and Paid Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) as they are visually engaging and allow you to display product imagery.

B2B businesses typically benefit from PPC, Retargeting and Paid Social Media (LinkedIn), as these ensure that your services are presented to a potential customer at their time of searching.

However, this really does depend on your business. To find what really works for your business, why not speak with a member of our paid social media team?

A successful paid media strategy should have a deep understanding of your key audiences and a clear plan of how to get your product or service in front of them.

A paid media strategy considers the most successful paid media channels for your product or services and that will deliver the best ROI. Our paid media team analyse your website data to see how you have performed on previous campaigns. Or if you’ve never invested in marketing before, we use a number of reliable data sources to drive campaign success.

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