Evolution Money


increase in organic loan applications

The brief

Evolution Money offer niche secured loans aimed at borrowers who’ve been refused credit with high street lenders.

But when they approached CandidSky, awareness was limited as they weren’t very visible in search results. They also need to generate a stronger return from marketing than they were getting.

So Evolution Money tasked CandidSky with:

Increasing search engine visibility

Improving loan application conversion rate

Reducing cost per conversion

How we did it

Technical fine-tuning

We needed to get Evolution Money’s website appearing in more relevant organic search results.

So our SEO team made a series of behind-the-scenes technical adjustments that improved the site’s potential to rank for commercially relevant search terms – as well as improving user experience.

Along with a focused organic link strategy, this helped Evolution Money reach far more potential customers who were searching for financial solutions – and drove more of them to the website.

Making paid media perform

Strengthening Evolution Money’s return on marketing spend would require their existing paid media to work much harder than it had been.

Our paid media team re-structured the campaign so that the ads the audience saw were as targeted, relevant, and convincing as possible.

As a result, metrics improved across the board – stronger click-through rates, reduced cost per click, and better quality traffic – driving more conversions.

Content that converts

SEO and paid media required more effective landing pages to deliver as big an increase in loan sign-ups as possible.

So our content marketing team created new landing pages designed to make the path to sign-up much smoother.

Together with more compelling copy, the improved landing pages helped better convert paid and organic traffic into loan applications.

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