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Grow your website traffic, conversions and sales with our bespoke content strategy services

Our bespoke content strategy services will help you get the results you need from your content marketing efforts. We’ve helped countless clients increase their online visibility, conversions and leads by creating and executing innovative content strategies.

We tailor our content strategy services to suit your individual needs, so you’ll always get bespoke, unique strategic solutions when you work with us. Our team will conduct full content audits, competitor research, keyword research and more before crafting your content strategy. This ensures we have all the right data to hand to create an impactful strategy for your business.

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Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

A robust content marketing strategy is essential for any business that wants to reach new audiences, increase ROMIs and grow.

Without a strategy, your content marketing efforts will simply go to waste. Fortunately, we’re here to provide a clear direction for your content so that you get the results you want. Whether you want to increase leads, organic traffic or brand awareness, our bespoke content marketing strategy services can help.

Some additional benefits of content marketing strategies include:

  • Create authoritative content
  • Improve conversions (more sales & leads)
  • Grow customer loyalty
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Improve brand content quality
  • Drive traffic to your website

Creating content without a clear goal in mind can be detrimental for your business. Our content marketing strategy services aim to increase the effectiveness of content marketing efforts and achieve ROIs that will help your business grow. When you work with

CandidSky, you’ll have a group of experienced content strategists to guide you every step of the way. They’ll provide valuable insights to take your content from average to amazing, outlining a bespoke content plan that will help you reach your business goals.
When it comes to strategy execution, we’re the best people to have on your side too. Our team can produce videos, blogs, graphics and more to catch the attention of your audience and drive those crucial sales.


Content audits

Here at CandidSky, we take a data-focused approach to everything we do. Our content marketing strategies are no different. As part of our content strategy services, we’ll conduct a thorough content audit to assess your business’ current content marketing efforts and see where improvements can be made.

Content audits involve analysing website content, audiences, content distribution channels and content marketing performance to create a strategy that will best suit your business. We’ll also closely look at your competitors’ content strategies so you can be sure you’re staying one step ahead of the game.

Once we’ve analysed all of this information, we’ll present it in an actionable report that you can use as a benchmark for your content marketing efforts. This is crucial for those who aren’t entirely familiar with the right metrics to track and how they can be leveraged to achieve results for their business.

Our content audits provide valuable data about your content marketing efforts so you know exactly where to focus our attention and drive positive results. If we find any problems along the way, we can implement solutions to give your strategy the best chances of success. Once these issues are resolved, our strategists will then begin crafting bespoke content plans that will help you to get the results you need to grow.

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Competitor research

It’s always important to always stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to content marketing. That’s why competitor research is a core component of our content strategy services. We’ll conduct an extensive analysis of your competitors’ content marketing efforts to find gaps and opportunities.

We’ll analyse their content market penetration, audiences, shared topics and themes, brand voice and more to give you a complete picture of how they’re performing on all fronts. From there, we can establish how successful their content strategies are and benchmark that against your own businesses’.

Once this data has been analysed, we’ll provide actionable insights based on our findings so you can see where improvements can be made to give your business a competitive advantage. From here, we’ll build content marketing strategies that’ll help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and get ahead of your competitors.

Our team has extensive experience crafting B2C and B2B content marketing strategies for businesses. We take the time to carefully understand the competitive landscape in your industry, so we always provide content solutions that will resonate with your intended audience.

With our data-driven approach, you’ll have all the tools you need to gain a competitive advantage in your industry and differentiate your business from the rest.

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Keyword research

Keyword research is a crucial component of any SEO content marketing strategy. Targeting the right keywords in your content marketing will help you to drive qualified, organic traffic to your website and increase conversions and sales in the process.

Keyword research involves finding out which search terms your target audience is using to find products or services like your own. This list is then used when creating website content such as blog posts, landing pages, meta titles or content marketing assets to drive relevant traffic to your website. We’ll also use these keywords to form the basis of your SEO content strategy.

Some additional benefits of keyword research include:

  • Helping content marketing teams to create content that will generate sales
  • Creating content that will help your website rank well for your brand’s key product or service keywords.
  • Creating content that’s more relevant to your target audience and solves their problems.
  • Increasing brand awareness.

Our expert SEO copywriters will carry out targeted keyword research that ensures your content is seen by the right people. As part of our bespoke content strategy services, we’ll work closely with you to understand the end-users of your product or service in detail. This gives us the foundation for creating an SEO content strategy that will help your business generate more interest and grow.

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Content distribution

Choosing the right content distribution method is crucial for success when it comes to your content strategy. This will ensure that the content that you make gets in front of the right people.

There are a wealth of options to choose from, including social media, digital PR, outreach and more. It’s all about finding the best option for your individual needs. That’s where our content strategy services come in. We’ll find out exactly where your target consumers spend most of their time and ensure that your content is placed in these areas. This ensures you extract the maximum value from your content marketing campaigns and increase your ROIs in the process.

It is important to note that content distribution involves more than just posting content on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It should also involve your content being shared on blogs and news outlets, as well as appearing in industry publications. Your content should be distributed across all of the relevant channels for maximum coverage and user engagement.

Paid advertising is also a key tool to utilise when it comes to content distribution. This helps you to get your content in front of interested consumers when they are most likely to engage. Fortunately, our content strategists will assess all of the available options to find out which will work best for you.

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Accurate reporting is crucial for success when it comes to refining and improving your content strategy going forward. As part of our content strategy services, we’ll create content marketing reports that highlight all of your content’s successes. This will make it easier for us to identify which content is most effective, where it performed well and how you can improve content campaigns in the future.

Depending on the nature of your content strategy, we’ll report on metrics such as:

  • Organic traffic
  • CTR
  • Conversions (sales, form submissions, content downloads etc.)
  • Sessions
  • Organic keyword rankings
  • Organic revenue

Whatever content marketing goals you’re working towards, we’ll create bespoke content strategy reports that highlight the positive impact of our work. Our expert team will use the latest tools and techniques to produce accurate, insightful reporting at each stage of your content strategy’s evolution. We offer a wide range of reporting options with your business’ strategic focus in mind, so you’ll only be presented with the metrics that matter to you.

When you work with CandidSky, you can rest assured that your data is at the heart of every decision we make. We consistently review the reports from previous quarters to ensure every content strategy we provide is better than the last.

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Why work with us on your content strategy?

Data-driven strategies are our number one focus at CandidSky. In an era where online and offline competition is rife, the right content marketing strategy will help you to differentiate yourself from the competition and grow your business as a result.

We have an expert team of content strategists to help you bring your plans to life. Our team will use their in-depth knowledge of SEO, data analysis, paid advertising and more to present a bespoke solution for your business.


There are several metrics that should be considered when reviewing content marketing strategy success. These include:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased rankings
  • Backlinks and content shares
  • Increase in conversions

When developing a content marketing strategy, it’s important to have a clear objective in mind. It’s important to have a clear idea of who your target audience is so that you can develop copy that they will respond to.

Once you’ve established your goal, KPIs and understand your target audience, it’s important to assess the competitive landscape, to ensure that you produce copy that’s unique and informative. Identify questions, problems and queries that users are searching for and develop a content plan that works to answer these questions.

When your plan is complete, you can begin to write engaging copy that has your clear objective in mind. Once your content has been created, it’s important to have a clear distribution strategy in mind. This ensures that all your hard work and planning gets in front of the right audience! If you require assistance with developing a content strategy and a distribution strategy, get in touch today!

A content strategy will not work if your target audience and your objectives do not align. It’s important to conduct thorough research to identify interesting topics to cover and to create content that isn’t too salesy or cheesy.

A content strategy will also fail if you don’t have a considered distribution strategy in place and if it isn’t well optimised. Writing great content without optimising or distributing it is like planning a party and forgetting to send the invites!

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