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Candidsky can help you achieve your business goals with our bespoke PPC (pay-per-click) strategy and management services.

We offer comprehensive PPC and Google Ad services for B2B, B2C and eCommerce businesses that want to generate consistent conversions and positive returns from their ad campaigns.

Whether you want to build new campaigns or refine your existing ones, Candidsky can help.

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Why is PPC so important?

When people are looking for something, whether it’s a product, service or brand, PPC advertising can put your business in front of them, and ahead of your competitors. Great PPC management will make people aware of your brand and drive qualified traffic to your site to generate conversions efficiently.

PPC can work no matter the size of your business, with a well-thought out strategy aligned to your business KPIs, you can:

  • Increase revenue, sales and ROI
  • Increase conversions and decrease CPA
  • Provide consistent traffic to your website
  • Gain customer insight through data collection and analysis
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Align PPC activity with other channels to spend marketing budgets efficiently

For these reasons and many more, PPC is one of the most popular and effective ways for online businesses to advertise their products and services. However, successfully running PPC advertising involves understanding how different ad platforms and their auctions work, what the best campaign structure and keyword match types may be and how to choose the right bidding strategy – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Fortunately, our PPC and Google Ads management services will navigate this for you. Our team has the expertise to help you get your products and services in front of those who are ready to convert, and those that don’t yet know it!

We’ll carry out comprehensive market research, craft a targeted advertising strategy and continually optimise your campaigns to you get the best returns possible.

Getting to know your business

The first step we’ll take is researching your product or service, understanding how people seek what you offer, and what competitors are in the space and which of them are advertising too. We’ll then look at which keywords generate volume, if there are any seasonal trends and if there has been any year-on-year growth or fluctuations.

We’ll analyse any data you already have, whether this is from an existing Google Ads account or Google Analytics, and overlay this with the market data.

All of this information, alongside your business goals, will inform the strategy we put together. This will involve:

  • What campaign types we plan to use (this may be search, display, performance max, shopping, demand gen or a combination)
  • What keywords and which match type we’ll target
  • Any amendments that need to be made to your feed, if using shopping activity
  • How we’ll approach bidding and budget splits in relation to the KPIs
  • Any nuances within your messaging, branding or approach that need to be consistent within your advertising
  • What audiences we will be targeting
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A solid foundation for the strategy

After deciding what campaign types, keywords and match types will be used, we will build campaigns which are structured for the highest relevancy and efficiency, with Google’s quality score and ad rank metrics in mind. Also taking into consideration:

  • Website structure and the right landing pages, with site content being important to how relevant Google considers your business in relation to the searched keyword
  • Ad copy, which will be written to blend brand messaging, USPs and also the key focus of the activity, whether that be sales, lead generation or awareness
  • Feed amendments across titles, descriptions or categorisation, if shopping activity is being run
  • Any creative or videos required for display, video and performance max activity

All of this information will be provided in a detailed document along with a project timeline for discussion and sign off.

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Optimising for performance

Once the campaigns have been set up and set live (how we approach this will depend on if you are already running activity or not), we will closely monitor the search queries being picked up, as well as any placements if running display activity, to make sure all traffic is relevant and that CPCs are in line with researched expectations.

Activity will go through a period of adjustment whereby data is collected and Google assesses the relevancy and conversion potential of the ads being served and the website we’re landing searchers at.

All budgets will be managed to what has been agreed and daily optimisations will be made based on performance and results, with any actions shared on a weekly basis.

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Working together to grow

PPC products are constantly changing, with Google moving towards the use of automation, machine-learning and AI within advertising. As an experienced PPC agency, we keep up-to-date with announcements and changes, scrutinise and test them and let you know if they’ll benefit your PPC activity and how we’ll work them into the strategy. 

We want to help you not only achieve your business goals but also to grow in a sustainable way. This involves constantly analysing the data we collect and using it to inform strategy and account decisions, and creating plans aligned with your business trajectory.

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Why choose Candidsky as your PPC agency?

Because our experts think beyond just clicks to generate the return you really want, working with you to provide transparent PPC services and tangible results. 

We create and manage tailored campaigns from our Manchester office across all paid media platforms – from search engines like Google and Bing, to social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

When combined with a robust SEO or content marketing strategy, our PPC services will give you the perfect formula for success. Get in touch to see how we can help your business grow through PPC advertising.


PPC works by targeting keywords to place digital ads in front of Google users when they are looking for a product or service. If your ad is highly relevant and what the searcher is looking for, this increases your chances of them clicking through and visiting your website, and the click is what you pay for (hence the name pay-per-click).

SEO and PPC can be integrated to work better together, but both of these strategies do different jobs. SEO helps you gain traffic organically by ranking for key search terms, but it is generally considered a long-term digital marketing strategy. Whereas, PPC is a shorter-term strategy designed to help you get found by consumers who are looking for your products or services online right now, and be visible on a highly competitive search results page.

Google has a strength rating across its ads and an excellent rating is what we’ll always be aiming for. It should accurately target keywords and include relevant information so the user knows exactly what they’re clicking on, as well as calling out your business USPs to make you stand out amongst the competition. This will lead to higher click through rates, more conversions, more sales and increased revenue.

PPC is a powerful way to reach potential customers at the moment that they are searching for whatever you offer. By using PPC, you can increase awareness of your brand and drive sales and conversions more efficiently than through traditional marketing strategies.

If your Google ad campaign is not achieving your KPIs, then it may be time to tweak your ads, adjust your bid strategies or run a search query report. To avoid wasting budget and resources, however, it’s always best to enlist the help of an experienced PPC agency, like Candidsky.

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