The Real Algarve


increase in sessions from organic traffic


increase in enquiries from organic traffic

The brief

The Real Algarve is a luxury villa rental business specialising in the Algarve. The preferred clientele is spending an average of £15k per week to stay in luxury properties. The most affluent destinations are Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, with the family-friendly destinations being Vilamoura and Albufeira.

The brief from The Real Algarve was to increase non-branded traffic from luxury Algarve-related search terms whilst increasing online enquiries and bookings. The brand also wanted to increase its market share & customer acquisition by dominating the SERPs.

Increase organic lead generation

Increase non-branded traffic from luxury Algarve-related search terms

Improve organic rankings & visibility

How We Did It

Research and Optimisation

The team at our Manchester SEO agency began to work their magic straight from the get-go. We began working on keyword research to highlight areas for growth, observe the current rankings, and identify new key terms they may be missing. Whilst in the background we performed a full-scale technical audit of the website, we did this to see if there were any key technical issues that may hinder the performance of the website. We then scheduled in time to fix these issues whether they were broken pages or broken links to create the best experience for users visiting the site.

As a team, we realised early on that it will be important to optimise the property pages for The Real Algarve as there was search potential there. We estimated that searches like this are coming from word of mouth (IE someone stays in a villa and tells their friends about it/posts it on social media etc). This, in turn, led to the content optimisation strategy as it was important for us to rank well for these long-tail searches to increase overall visibility.

We also found it important to optimise the homepage as this was already ranking well for broader terms that relate to luxury holidays in the Algarve. We also wanted to boost up the concierge and location pages in the same way, using on-page optimisation techniques consisting of content optimisation, internal linking and optimising images. 

Blogging is still important

Our SEO Strategy for The Real Algarve also included blog creation and publishing. Our brilliant content team was tasked with writing content-rich blogs that will rank well on Google. This was led by long-tail keyword research that would then dictate areas like blog titles and research of what was already ranking. 

We also found it a good idea to optimise existing blog content as the foundations of these were good. They just required a little bit of SEO magic to make them reach their potential. 

This is how we provided YOY traffic increases like this to The Real Algarve:

Press & Outreach

Not only is improving online organic rankings important to SEO, but so is having an effective link-building strategy in place. We set aside time of the campaign each month to build quality links that use descriptive anchor text to increase domain rating and page rank, helping these pages rank higher.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Out of 300 tracked terms, we are now at a keyword-base rank of 13.3. This means that most of the terms we’re tracking are on the first page of Google with 141 keywords in positions 1-10. 

September 1st 2021 – 2022 (compared to 2020 – 2021)

  • 130% increase in Users from organic traffic 
  • 131% increase in new users from organic traffic  
  • 117% increase in sessions from organic traffic  
  • 69% increase in page views from organic traffic  
  • 108% increase in enquiries from organic traffic  

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