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Supercharged performance marketing that shares the risk and reward.

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Supercharged performance marketing that shares the risk and reward

Performance+ by Candidsky is a new initiative for medium to large enterprises looking for a strong marketing partner that shares the risks and rewards of a performance marketing campaign.

Typical agency structures mean that you have to pay an hourly rate. This ranges from £100 -£180+VAT per hour depending on the seniority of the practitioner you’re working with. It might seem practical at first, but once your hours are up – your agency stops performing, which hinders business growth and digital market share. The most common solution to this is to add more hours, but when ROI isn’t quite there yet – paying more can be frustrating and quite daunting.

To combat this, Performance+ by Candidsky positions both the agency and client as effective partners. This consists of a low cost fixed base fee combined with a complex shared risk formula that determines our overall fee. This means you only pay large sums of money when large profitable sums are being returned to your business. And when performance isn’t up to scratch, you only pay the low fixed base fee – meaning you’re never left out of pocket.

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Us vs. them

Below, we’ve demonstrated what a performance+ model by Candidsky looks like and how it compares to a typical agency model.

Performance+ Model

  • Base Fixed Agency Fee: £1,250 – £7,500 + VAT pcm
  • No hourly limits* so performance never stops
  • If targets aren’t achieved, the base fee is payable only
  • Bonus amount based on achieving key KPI’s (sales,
  • enquiries, traffic etc): £0-£10,000+
  • If targets are achieved, the base fee and bonuses would be payable for the previous month’s performance

Typical agency model

  • £2,500 – £15,000 + VAT pcm
  • 15-100 hours per month limit
  • When hours run out, work stops until the next month
  • If targets aren’t achieved, you pay the same amount

*While no limitations in campaign delivery or hours are present, we do not allow you to request any work to be completed that we deem to be non-beneficial to your campaign or its performance. All additional works completed for the duration of your campaign will be done at the sole discretion of Candidsky. The base fee will represent a minimum delivery amount.

When you grow, we grow.

There are pros and cons for both models, but we truly believe that the next evolution of agency and client partnerships for medium to large enterprises is sharing the risk. In a world where trust and transparency are so important, performance+ by Candidsky demonstrates how we can take full accountability for the performance of our campaigns and be rewarded when they flourish.
When you grow, we grow.
Simple, really.

How do I know I’m eligible for performance+?

Performance+ is not for everyone. And we need to make sure that the foundational work is laid before we offer you this service.

To be eligible for performance+, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Over £1M in digital turnover
  • 24 months of Google Analytics Data
  • 24 months of Google Search Console Data
  • 12 months of Google Adwords Data
  • Candidsky must be granted viewing access to your website and any relevant channels that contain analytical performance data

What services work with Performance+?

Currently, Performance+ is only offered within our Paid Media (PPC) and SEO services. We are looking to expand these to other areas of our service offering, but currently paid media and SEO allow us to achieve and track accurate commercial data.

How do I sign up for Performance+?

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