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Keep your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind with our retargeting services.

We run streamlined retargeting campaigns for businesses to help them take advantage of warm leads and increase their ROIs.

Retargeting is a highly cost-effective and efficient marketing tool for encouraging your target audience to convert.
Retargeted ads are shown to users who have already visited your site, helping to increase brand awareness and drive additional traffic to your site. When combined with other digital marketing tools, like SEO and content marketing, you’ll have all the resources to secure consistent conversions and sales.

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What are the benefits of ad retargeting?

Ad retargeting is a service that allows marketers to focus their ad budget by displaying ads only to the people who have previously visited your site. This means you don’t pay for impressions from customers who are already familiar with your brand and you can re-engage customers who left your website before converting.

The main benefits of this include that:

Increasing brand awareness and recall

Ad retargeting gives you a second chance to get in front of customers who have already shown interest in your brand. This puts your products and services at the forefront of their minds, especially if you offer discounts or promotions to ad retargeting customers.

Improving customer loyalty and retention

Being able to re-engage customers who may have abandoned their shopping cart or left your site is a great way of improving customer satisfaction, since it gives them another opportunity to convert. It also has the added benefit of reducing costs on marketing campaigns since you are not reaching out to new audiences.

Increasing conversions on lower-funnel activities

Retargeting is an efficient way of increasing conversions across your entire customer journey, even on lower-funnel activities like subscribing to newsletters or registering for webinars. This added exposure helps build familiarity with your brand and increases the likelihood of them buying from you in the future.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting uses cookies to identify your site previous visitors. Companies use this information to serve ads on other sites that are likely to be of interest to them. When a customer sees your ad, retargeting providers will usually offer some kind of incentive, like a coupon code or product discount, in order to encourage them to return to your site and complete their purchase.

Depending on the retargeting platform you use, you can also personalise the user experience for each individual visitor. If they have previously visited specific pages of your website, then they’ll see more relevant products and messages from you throughout their buying cycle. If they haven’t been back since the first time they saw an ad from you, then it’s less likely that they’re ready to convert and you won’t waste your ad budget sending them irrelevant ads.

There are several ad platforms that incorporate ad retargeting features. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google AdWords. Whether you only advertise on one platform or you advertise on multiple sites, our retargeting services can help you squeeze the maximum value from your budget.

We’ll analyse all of the data from your previous campaigns to find what makes your customers tick. Then we’ll use this insight to help you create a targeted ad strategy that will re-engage your customers and get them buying from you again.

Google Ad retargeting

You can create retargeting campaigns on Google Adwords. There are two main types of retargeting ads used on Google Adwords, these include:

Pixel-based retargeting ads

This uses the Google Adwords pixel to retarget visitors with ads on the Google Display Network.

The Google Adwords pixel is particularly useful for eCommerce websites that want to retarget their users by displaying ads when they browse other websites. For example, if you’ve visited a department store website and browsed some dresses, you might see an ad for that same brand of dress when browsing another site like Pinterest.

List-based retargeting ads

This involves uploading a list of customer email addresses to Adwords. These specific users will then be retargeted with highly customised and controlled ads.

This strategy is particularly useful for those working with smaller budgets, as you target individuals rather than large groups, increasing your chances of securing a conversion.

Candidsky has a wealth of experience providing bespoke retargeting services for businesses. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business goals, so we can design a retargeting campaign that gets you the results you need. Whether you’ve got a large budget or a more modest one, we’ll think of the best ways to allocate the resources so you get the maximum ROI.

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Facebook Ad retargeting

Facebook offers a retargeting service to marketers, which enables them to serve ads to people who have previously visited their website. To use this feature you’ll need to:

  • Install Facebook Pixel – This is a snippet of code that needs to be installed on the website. This is used to track user activity.
  • Create a catalogue – If you want to use Facebook’s dynamic ad retargeting feature, you’ll need to import your catalogue of products to Facebook’s ad platform.

With Facebook, you can create retargeting campaigns to target consumers who interacted with your products both on and off Facebook. This includes users that have:

  • Visited your website
  • Viewed a product on your website
  • Searched for that product by keyword
  • Visited your Instagram profile
  • Liked one of your products for sale
  • Visited the checkout part of the site but did not complete a transaction
  • Viewed any other data you’ve uploaded to Facebook

When you opt for our retargeting services, we’ll work closely with you to understand what activities to look at so you can achieve better results. We’ll also help create well-defined targeting parameters so we don’t waste resources marketing to uninterested users. Whether you’re just starting out or already have an existing retargeting campaign in place, we can easily help you achieve great campaign results.

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Remarketing vs retargeting: What’s the difference?

Whilst the two concepts sound similar, there are some key differences to be aware of


Retargeting often involves using “cookies” to track users that have visited your site in the past. Then, these people are then shown your ads after they’ve left your site.


This is when you gather information from prospects to market to them via email.

So which is the best option for your business? When it comes to retargeting, the possibilities are endless.

With this, you don’t have to target people that have already bought your products or services. There are a whole host of interactions you can track to determine who is interested in your products or services. Whether it’s a like, a scroll or a tap, website cookies will accurately track this data to provide you with a huge roster of individuals to retarget.

On the other hand, with remarketing you’re only limited to targeting the people on your email lists, or your existing customers.

Candidsky’s ad experts will be there to guide you through all of the available options when it comes to retargeting. We’ll assist with everything from Pixel set up to campaign tracking to ensure you’re increasing your conversions and revenue as time goes on,

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Campaign monitoring and management

Effective ad campaign management can help you continually increase your ROIs. This involves :

  • Conduct A/B testing where appropriate
  • Reviewing campaign budgets
  • Refining audiences
  • Adjusting creative elements
  • Tracking campaign data thoroughly

It can take some fine-tuning to get the formula exactly right, but with Candidsky on your side, you can rest assured that we’re working away behind the scenes to get your products and services in front of the right people.

Without the right professionals managing your retargeting campaign, you could suffer from:

  • Revenue losses
  • Lower conversions
  • Wasted budgets
  • Harm to brand reputation (by showing users irrelevant ads)
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How we can help with your retargeting campaigns

Candidsky will manage all of your website tracking, ad creatives and targeting parameters so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll work closely with you to understand what kind of retargeting services would be best for your business needs, whether it’s dynamic or static ads. Then, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of each campaign.


Retargeting ads are incredibly effective because they can help you re-market to people who have already visited your site. For example, if someone visits the checkout part of your website but does not complete a purchase, retargeting could allow you to show them an ad that offers a discount on their next visit. This tactic will be beneficial in increasing conversions.

Display retargeting is when retargeted ads are served around the internet on different sites. This can be on social media sites, ad networks or publisher websites.

It depends on your budget, but retargeting campaigns usually have a much lower CPC (cost per click) than search advertising. This is because the ads are being shown to people who have already visited your site and are more likely to click through. Retargeting normally works out less expensive than remarketing via email marketing, as ROI can be improved with proper tracking in place.

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