Paris & Disneyland Paris Trip Case Study


Increase in impressions


Increase in non-brand clicks

The brief

PGL operates in the adventure camp market, providing adventure and activity camps for families, groups, schools and children aged 8-16. In September 2023, the client officially launched a new product, which provided 3 and 5-night family trips to Château de Grande Romain, their activity centre located in France, just outside of Paris.

PGL Disney provides 5-night family holiday packages to Disneyland Paris. Guests will stay in a beautiful PGL chateau and gain access to the park for 1 day. PGL is a sub-brand of PGL Tours and in Q423 they launched this product and required brand awareness to be raised. 

Increase organic impressions

Increase organic clicks

Build brand awareness

How We Did It

The Challenge:

PGL Adventures faced several pivotal challenges that needed to be addressed:

Content Depth: The website lacked essential page content that competitors had in abundance. 

Brand Equity: The website was up against some really big players, including Disneyland Paris, and large holiday travel providers.

PGL Disney targets families with children aged 8-16, parents with a combined income of £55,000+, and adventure-loving guardians. Amidst the cost of living crisis, PGL aimed to position itself as a more affordable Disneyland Paris option. The campaign targeted customers in various buying stages:

  • Research and awareness phase
  • Seeking travel advice and guidance
  • Looking for trip information and trust signals
  • Actively searching for Disneyland Paris trips

What We Did:

To tackle these challenges and enhance the PGL Adventures experience, we took a range of strategic actions:

  • Tailored Page Optimisation: We developed in-depth commercial content, including FAQs, trip itineraries and trip highlights.
  • Content Optimisation: We revamped existing content, optimising it for search engines to ensure it resonates with and engages our visitors.
  • Schema Implementation: Schema markup was introduced to boost the website’s click-through rate (CTR) by enhancing search results with rich snippets.
  • High-Quality Backlinks: A consistent effort was made to build high-quality backlinks from travel bloggers, parenting blogs to increase brand awareness and Page Authority.
  • Content Creation: We developed Disneyland Paris guides, to support E-E-A-T and to develop brand awareness, for long-tail queries.


The results of our concerted efforts during the campaign were truly remarkable:

31/10/2022 – 28/02/2023 Data

59 clicks 

4.55k impressions


31/10/2023 – 28/02/2024

7.74k clicks 

315k impressions 

Benchmarked against the objectives:

  • Increase organic impressions from 4,460 (rounded up to 4,500) to 9,000 from November-February 2023/2024 vs 2022/2023

    We beat this by 306,000 impressions, which is a 3400% difference 
  • Increase organic clicks from 55 clicks to 2,000 from November-February 2023

    We beat this by 5740 clicks, which is a 287% difference

    You can find screenshots of this in slides 3 and 4 of PGL Disney: European Search Awards Results
  • Build brand awareness for PGLs new Disneyland product.

    We observed an increase in search volumes for both the location and PGL france searches following the campaign success.

    For example

    Chateau D Ebblinghem – 1300 searches (+30% YoY)
    Le Chateau D Ebblinghem – 260 searches (+86% YoY)
    Chateau D Ebblinghem Reviews – 140 searches (+120% YoY)
    PGL Paris – 880 searches – (+84% 3 Months)
    PGL France Paris –  (+84% 3 Months)
    PGL in Paris – (+84% 3 Months)