Diversity Study Trips

200% YoY

Increase in contact form submissions

72% YoY

In new users

The brief

Diversity Study Trips have been around since 2007, operating as a leading student travel company. They operate in 82 countries around the globe and work with over 2,000 establishments across the educational sector.

Our brief at Candidsky was to improve the visibility of the main target pages, including the school, college & educational trip pages. By using the latest on-page SEO techniques and an improved internal linking structure.

Increase contact form submissions (leads)

Increase organic traffic

Improve organic rankings for student trip terms

How We Did It

How we did it

Improving online rankings was one of the main strategic objectives for the Diversity Study Trips SEO campaign. We targeted the priority trip pages with on-page SEO optimisation. Target keywords were integrated into the existing on-page copy to optimise those pages, which are now ranking well in a very competitive search landscape.

Crafting seamless online user journeys

Building upon the existing Diversity Study Trips internal linking structure was another key objective for the SEO campaign. This included developing an internal linking strategy, that could be implemented to pass authority from the DST homepage, right through to the relevant parent/child pages. Enhancing the internal linking structure eliminates orphan pages, improves crawlability & ensures page authority is passed to all important pages.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Educational travel (5th to 1st)
  • Educational travel tours (17th to 3rd)
  • Student educational travel (7th to 2nd)

October 2022

  • New users have increased by 72% YoY
  • Contact form submissions have increased by 200% YoY

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