NST Group


Increase in quote requests


Increase in new users

The brief

When NST approached Candidsky, they wanted to increase their market share and ensure that in a tight market – NST group was the brand of choice for teachers when booking local and international educational trips. Using existing analytical and competitor data, we identified that SEO (organic search) and Paid Media provided the brand with the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Increase paid search leads, whilst decreasing cost-per lead

Increase non-brand traffic and visibility

Increase lead generation through organic search

How we did it

Continually developed the website’s relevance through research and content optimisation

Working with our in-house SEO and Content teams, we developed a robust research and content optimisation process for the NST brand. This included researching competitor content, identifying content gaps on the NST website and optimising existing content for conversion and search. This resulted in a dramatic improvement in online visibility and an overall increase in conversion rates.

An integrated approach

We provided an integrated approach to NST’s marketing to ensure consistency across all campaigns, ensuring that SEO and PPC strategies aligned to provide the maximum ROI.

Increasing domain authority

Early on, we discovered that the NST website lacked domain authority compared to major competitors. So immediately, we activated a strategic link building campaign – working with relevant publishers within the travel market to build backlinks to the parent landing pages. This resulted in the overall domain authority increasing to 34, which significantly impacted rankings across commercially driven landing pages on the website.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Increased traffic by 47% YoY.
  • Increased quote requests by 670%.
  • Increased new users by 51%.
  • Industry share of voice increased to 18% (10% more than next competitor).

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