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increase in new users from organic traffic


Increase in calls & quote requests

The brief

Citation are Health & Safety, HR & Employment Law consultants. They provide advice and support to clients in all areas and can help to create employment contracts, handbooks etc. 

When Citation approached Candidsky, they told us that one of their main goals was getting more quote requests, calls, and leads. 


Increase organic lead generation

Increase non-branded rankings for HR & Health & Safety Terms

Improve organic rankings & visibility

How We Did It

Our SEO team got straight to work devising an SEO strategy that would work for them to reach their target audience, which consists mainly of employers, managers and decision-makers. 

Research is the foundation all good campaigns are built on

We conducted keyword research that highlighted the current ranking positions and opportunities for growth. We then performed competitor research to see what was working for other businesses in this space. This, in turn, highlighted content gaps, page layout and how best to serve users for them to convert. 

Our first priority was to increase rankings for the health and safety + employment law terms. This included on-page optimisation techniques, looking into the word count, keyword count, if pages serve the user appropriately, and LSI keyword content gaps. An example of what we achieved from this was our success in ranking highly for the term ‘Employment Law Consultancy’. At the start of the campaign they were just about ranking at position 10 for this term, whereas now they’re ranked 2nd.

We were also able to achieve this with internal linking. As the diagram above shows, this hasn’t been easy. When we first started the campaign Google was confused as to what page to send to users. This was due to keyword cannibalisation. We had to fix this by carefully de-optimising pages that were clashing with the target page. We then made sure that all links pointing to the target page had the right anchor text and changed any to other pages which had the same anchor text.

Creating more visibility through SERPs

Once we decided on the set of target pages, written high-quality, keyword-rich content that was in line with the SEO strategy, it was time to move forward with structured data implementation. 

For this campaign, it was beneficial to use different types of structured data (schema) here. A few examples being breadcrumbs, star ratings, FAQs, and even article schema. Adding structured data is a great way to get seen in search snippets that appear at the top of Google when asking a question, looking for information about a person or service, or just enriching the appearance of search results.

Blogging is still and will always be relevant 

Blogging is an underappreciated SEO tactic in 2022. Some people don’t believe in it, your blog needs to provide value to users otherwise it will fail. We were able to take an existing blog and generate another 30K visitors for it in a year  whilst also staying relevant by publishing new blogs which are relevant to Citations services. 

To create the content strategy for blogs we also performed keyword research, however, this time it was a little different. Focusing solely on long tail keywords would be a quick win. 

With our blogging strategy in place, we were able to achieve results like these YoY for Citation.

Outreach, PR & Link building

Candidsky also performed PR outreach on behalf of Citation. The reason for this was to improve the website’s domain authority. Another goal of building up the backlink profile for Citation was to increase the visibility and page rank of important pages, which is why it was so important for us to build links that would point to important pages.

We ensured that backlinks followed best practices and would benefit Citation with descriptive anchor text that would help Google and other search engines understand the pages better. As a testament to our ability, we have gained 9712 great backlinks for Citation over the past year. 

Results that speak for themselves

  • 9712 Backlinks in the last year.

1st October 2021 – 2022 

  • 15% increase in form submissions | 785 vs 679
  • 19% increase in free guide downloads | 1,046 vs 884
  • 90% increase in event registrations | 131 vs 69
  • 316% increase n newsletter signups | 25 vs 6
  • 62% increase in calls | 5,997 vs 3,712
  • 45% Increase in users | 551,187 vs 380,260
  • 46% increase in new users | 523,915 vs 357,049
  • 19% increase in sessions | 620,557 vs 524,208

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