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The brief

Royal Mail wanted to put their new range of stamps under the spotlight. Launching the ‘Sustainable Fish’ collection, they asked us to create a campaign that sparked engagement among their core customers.

So with a mailing list of 60,000 registered Royal Mail members, we aimed to:

Enlighten and educate customers

Boost conversion rates

Reach high levels of engagement

How we did it

Delivering maximum engagement

When you have a strong message, you want to share it with every potential recipient. That’s why we carried out technical spam tests to ensure the campaign was delivered to every last customer.

And once our email landed in their inbox, our captivating subject lines meant Royal Mail saw an impressive 49% open rate.

Scroll-stopping design

The type of design that stands out in your inbox. As appearance is the key appeal for many stamp enthusiasts, we wanted the look of the collection to speak for itself.

Our eye-catching design helped us reach a 21% click-through rate.

Insights that last

After successfully delivering the campaign, we provided Royal Mail with highly-detailed insights. This meant they could create equally engaging campaigns in the future, time and time again.

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