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John Ryan by Design

John Ryan by Design approached CandidSky in 2014 to meld their three separate websites into one central SEO behemoth.

John Ryan by Design is a multi-million pound, luxury mattress manufacturer who draw on years of industry experience to help educate customers and answer questions other manufacturers do not.

As thought leaders in their field, John Ryan manage a vast content library with over 2,000 articles on all manner of mattress queries; we soon realised this expert content was not reaching as many eyes as it deserved.

The Brief

  • Merge three separate websites into one central e-commerce site
  • Develop a 12 month SEO campaign to improve site performance prior to launch
  • Maximise exposure and outreach of content library
  • Optimise web traffic to boost conversion rates and revenue
  • Provide a PPC management campaign with a high ROI

Our Solution

Whilst developing a new site which combined their previous three, we immediately set about a comprehensive SEO campaign to enhance performance and exposure of content. This initial campaign enhanced company revenue by 40% and gave us the insights we needed to create an ideal user journey ahead of relaunch.

We realised that the majority of site visitors were primarily looking for help and support in choosing the right mattress for them. Having landed on the homepage, we ensured the next interaction – whether a click through or a scroll down – makes all site visitors aware of the vast content library at their disposal. We then integrated Q&A articles with links to relevant product pages to maximise conversion rates.

Our website design reflects the luxury feel of the brand by combining a clean, sophisticated aesthetic with an unmissable opening message to give John Ryan’s expertise pride of place above the fold.

After the new site launch, our continued SEO campaigns resulted in an 134% increase in non-brand organic traffic and revenue from the organic channel increasing by 120% year on year.

Total revenue increased by 120% YoYOrganic traffic increased by 134% YoY1,870% ROAS from PPC & remarketing

Ryan Kerr

Managing Director
John Ryan by Design

CandidSky have delivered above and beyond our expectations. Our new website has received so much positive feedback, and sales since launch, we’ve seen our biggest year on year revenue increase ever.

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