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Evolution Money

Evolution Money approached us in October 2015 to take the reins on their SEO and PPC activity

Evolution Money is an industry-leading secured loan provider who specialise in providing bespoke homeowner loans to UK customers.

The company were looking to increase conversions and achieve a better search ranking presence, so they asked us to take over management of their existing SEO and PPC accounts to ramp up performance.

The brief

  • Increase the number of loans sold through the website
  • Increase organic traffic and brand presence in search rankings
  • Evaluate and re-organise an excessively large keyword database
  • Work closely with their in-house team to report on end-to-end conversions

Our solution

Upon taking over a PPC account with over two million keywords, we knew immediately there was work to be done to consolidate such a huge database into something more manageable. We recommended condensing the accounts campaigns, ad groups and keywords, switching the focus to quality over quantity. That soon did the trick and we started to see notable improvements within the first few months.

But that wasn’t the only initial challenge. Following a technical audit of the site we found multiple web pages that were either broken or poorly optimised, which was inhibiting the amount of potential customers landing on the site.

Once these issues were ironed out, we collaborated with Evolution to ensure the website was in the best possible technical shape ahead of their new website design launch at the turn of 2016 – this meant further landing page optimisation and SEO-informed content creation from our in-house content marketing team.

As 2016 progressed we started to see month-on-month improvements in organic traffic, cost-per-enquiry (CPE) and conversion rate. Using SEO and PPC together enabled the Evolution brand to gain a more prominent position in both organic search results and Google’s paid advertising slots at the top of the page.

Having two placements on the same page gives the brand more authority and naturally lead more people to click-through to the website.

5,000+ unique visitors per monthCost-per-enquiry reduced by 52%Conversion rate increasing each month

We’re particularly proud of…

The target KPIs for this campaign were particularly difficult to hit, but we managed to exceed these targets whilst retaining a quality site experience. We worked closely with the team at Evolution Money to gain an in-depth understanding of the conversion process and the many factors at play that contribute to each end conversion.

The campaign continues to be a roaring success, so much so that Evolution have asked us to put forward a similar proposal for their sister-site Progressive Money, which is geared towards personal loans.