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Hello, I’ll be addressing some questions that I’ve been asked about online chatting with your customers and how it can be useful.
  • What is live chat?
  • How can it impact on sales?
  • How can it improve customer service?
  • How can it benefit me?


We’ve all seen live chat buttons that take you through to speak to an advisor online. Usually these are on huge sites such as BT or o2. But SME’s can benefit massively from this piece of technology, increasing sales conversion rates and improving customer support while cutting costs. No, really.

Example Scenario

A customer visits a property specialist website and browses around information and properties. A notification pops up on all the rep’s computers who are signed in at that time. Customer decides they need questions answered on specific property based topics, so they click a button which says something like ‘Click here to speak to a property specialist’. (They can even choose which department they want to speak to). A notification goes to all the rep’s computers (of that department) saying someone is trying to call. One of the reps chooses to accept the call.

Customer asks the question, rep answers the question.

Rep can transfer the call to any other rep if they feel that the question needs to be pushed to the next level. Or reps can use the internal chat feature to talk among themselves to get the right information to the customer

Increase Sales Conversion Rates (While cutting costs)

Customers visit your website, they have questions but maybe they just can’t bring themselves to pick up a phone. Maybe they are in the middle of lots of different jobs and they don’t want to take their eye off the ball or stop what they are doing. Clicking a live chat button can be less obtrusive and less time consuming because the customer can continue what they are doing, speak in a frank and honest way without feeling nervous and end the call whenever they want.

Because reps can send links to specific products on their website, the relationship between conversation and product can be maintained throughout the call.

Because multiple conversations can be held simultaneously, less time has to be dedicated to each individual, thus increasing the potential for sales per hour spent.

Improve Support (While cutting costs)

Are customers taking up your time with endless phone calls? Get them to contact you via live chat and you can talk to them while getting on with other tasks. Because you can speak to multiple customers at the same time, you can maximise the support you give while saving time on calls. Phone calls can drag on and become diluted with small talk and unrelated questions. Live chat allows you to streamline the conversation, getting customer to stick to the point and answering queries in a really efficient way.

Other Features

  • Geo tagging – find out where visitors are from
  • Add ‘I’m Online’ chat button to your email signature (shows offline message when you’re not logged in).
  • Invite visitors on the website into chat via an unobtrusive box, for example: “Do you need further help? Tom Lambert has invited you into live chat”
  • Internal chat between reps
  • Unlimited number of reps logged in simultaneously
  • Fully brandable chat window and live chat button
  • Seamless integration into any website
  • Add live chat to your facebook page, website, blog – anywhere!
  • Co-browsing with visitors
  • Loads of others – Give me a ring for a full demonstration.

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