If you want to boost your website’s conversion rate, listen up! We’ve got lots of conversion rate optimisation tips that’ll hopefully help you see a big difference. From taking time to observe user behaviour to altering the layout of your pages, there are many things you can do to improve your conversion rate.

What is a good website conversion rate?

A positive conversion rate is between 2 and 5 percent. Although this seems low, if you have thousands of visitors clicking through to your website, then even just 2% of that is a great amount of conversions! This is why doing everything you can to increase conversion rate, even by 0.5% can see huge benefits.

How to increase conversion rate

Here’s how to increase conversion rate for your website:

Analyse user data and conversion funnel

There’s no need to take wild guesses when thinking about how visitors use your site. You can use tracking tools to assess how people navigate your site, where they click through, where they drop off and more. This can all be used to make a decision on how to optimise. 

Taking a look at your conversion funnel can also help you see where users are leaving the site or not continuing their journey. Again this can give you the information needed to make optimisations and hopefully increases the chances of users converting. 

Competitor analysis

Stand out from the competition! Why would customers choose you over others? Review your competitor’s conversion journey and see what’s different to yours, are there any improvements that you feel you could make? Your value proposition shouldn’t be overlooked either. When potential customers compare you to other competitors, they want to see why should they purchase from you — and what you say will impact their decision. 

Optimise page layouts

You want to create a page that is engaging, with visitors clicking links and conversion points. Well if this isn’t happening then try changing up your page layouts. You can make some small changes and move/add/change conversion points to make them more visible, or if your efforts are still not paying dividends then an overhaul might be necessary. 

Include testimonials

Are you seeing promising click-through rates, lots of traffic and a decent amount of time being spent browsing your site, but still the conversions aren’t coming? A factor affecting this could be trust, which can be improved by including customer/client testimonials on your pages. If a customer has never heard of your business before and they’re unsure whether to trust you, it could be the difference between purchasing from you and a competitor. 

Provide easy and efficient website navigation

The conversion journey for your potential customers must be simple. Too many steps, forms, or a slow site could result in them abandoning their purchase and buying elsewhere. Check the loading speed of your site and the steps of your conversion journey to make sure it’s all smooth and seamless for your customers!

Improve your conversion rates with Candidsky

We hope our conversion rate optimisation tips have helped you. Now you know how to improve conversion rate for your site, if you need support then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Ready to discuss digital? Contact us today and we’ll get back to you in no time!

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