Are you building a website and looking for some SEO best practices to follow? We’re your guys! There are always ways to optimise your website, but let’s start with the foundations so you can reap the benefits right from the beginning!

How to build an SEO friendly website?

Here are the absolute necessities for building an SEO friendly website:

Pages with unique meta titles and descriptions

Each of your pages should have a meta title and descriptions that clearly show what the webpage is all about. Why? To make it easier for search engines to index your pages. Meta titles should range between 50-60 characters with descriptions up to 155 characters.

Quick loading webpages

This is a must! There’s only so long users can tolerate a slow site before they leave, so make it an enjoyable experience for them. There are a few things that contribute to this, one being image optimisation. Make sure the images you’re using on your site are compressed and optimised to keep your website loading speed in the green!

Website structure 

A clear and efficient website structure is vital for building an SEO friendly website. This includes the depth of the site structure, meaning not having pages too far away from the homepage. Deciding what category pages you’re going to have and where they will link out to can be driven by keyword research, so your top-level pages are optimised — boosting your chances of ranking on the SERPs.

Link internally

With internal links flowing through your site, it makes it easier for Google and other search engines to crawl. Not only that, but it’s helpful for users to find other relevant pages to the content they’re reading. A strong internal linking structure will give your website’s SEO friendliness a huge boost!

Set up Google Search Console

This tool is used to track your website’s organic search performance. To continue making SEO improvements, Google Search Console helps you to identity website errors and user experience improvements. It’s a crucial analytical tool that helps you keep your website on track and allows you to see current performance on the SERPs.

Why is SEO important for a website?

But why is SEO important for a website? It can offer your website so much, in terms of better experiences for your users/customers and visibility.

Boosts organic traffic

The higher you get your pages on the SERPs the more traffic you’ll get to your website. This is the ultimate goal! If you’re targeting the correct terms and realling honing down on the SEO front, then you could see an increase in leads and sales as a result of your rankings. 

For user-experience

You might be able to get users to your site, but if navigation is difficult and the user journey is not enjoyable then people will leave. You can learn more about bounce rates and more in our blog ‘what does your bounce and engagement rate tell you?’. If you’ve got your navigation mastered and loading speed is tip-top, then users should have a positive experience visiting your site and might stay on there for longer, and even return in the future.

Builds trust and credibility

What will people think if they see your website appear in the search results frequently. If they’re a potential customer and are often searching for queries and terms relevant to your industry, then they’ll recognise your business as a reputable place to purchase. The more times you show up in the search, the more likely customers will trust you!

Build an SEO focused website with Candidsky

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