Case Study

Glue Guns Direct


46% increase in revenue from search

The brief

Glue Guns Direct had been a leading supplier of glue guns and adhesive products for over a decade. In fact, they were the first online retailer in their market. They wanted to keep hold of their stake – and boost online revenue even further.

So they approached CandidSky to:


search engine visibility and traffic


and progress paid media


conversion rates and online revenue

Starting behind-the-scenes

We wanted Glue Guns Direct to appear in more relevant organic search results. So our SEO team started behind-the-scenes, making technical tweaks and adjustments. This helped search engines easily find, index, and rank the website.

The adjustments went hand-in-hand with a focused link-building strategy. This helped Glue Guns Direct reach even more potential customers and drive them to the site.

These improvements helped boost organic traffic by 40%.

Making the website work harder

Glue Guns Direct needed to appeal to both search engines and users.

The SEO team made changes to optimise the site. And our content team updated existing copy to demonstrate the expertise and value Glue Guns Direct can offer.

Ultimately, it meant the site offered a better experience for users. And this translated into improved search visibility and traffic.

Putting PPC in place

Paid media would offer Glue Guns Direct a new avenue for customers to find them. So our PPC team developed a campaign of valuable and convincing ads, targeted at the most relevant audience: those who were ready to convert.

And it worked. The ads boosted Glue Gun Direct’s paid conversions by 148%.

Glue Guns Direct's results

With our PPC and SEO services working together in unison, we helped Glue Guns Direct achieve:

“The investment in SEO and advertising has made a real difference to Glue Guns Direct, not only by increasing our online revenue but also generating far more offline leads for us to follow up.

“Our work with CandidSky has made a massive difference to the company in general and is propelling our business to new levels of growth.”

Ian Kenyon Managing Director, Glue Guns Direct

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