Many people approach SEO and PPC as completely separate strategies.

Investing in SEO can produce excellent results for your brand and bottom line; when we couple our partners SEO strategy with their PPC campaigns we always see an upturn in results.

Search marketing is about relationships

While SEO and PPC are different in many ways, it can be helpful to think of them as a joint approach to search, like Ying and Yang. In this blog we discuss a two-pronged approach where PPC and SEO work together, which, if deployed, will result in better performing search campaigns.

Online visibility

The most obvious benefit of combining the two strategies is the added exposure you get on search result pages. A common mistake people make is to turn the paid advertising tap off when organic search is performing well. It’s important to remember that the top four results of most search engine results pages (SERPs) are reserved for PPC ads. Being prominent in both organic and paid listings greatly increases the likelihood of winning clicks, and ultimately more traffic and conversions. More real estate means more clicks. 


One of our partners BrighHR dominating Google with paid and organic results

Sharing keyword data

Simultaneously running SEO and PPC campaigns gives you double the data to collect and analyse.  By running PPC ad campaigns we are able to trial different keyword combinations and advert copy to reveal which are the best performing. By assessing the overall conversion rate of the adverts we are able to steer our partners SEO campaigns down the most profitable route. This optimises the whole organic approach, in terms of time and budget spend. When we launch SEO and PPC campaigns together we always see quicker positive organic ranking gains because of shared keyword data.

Social media data

The emergence of highly targeted social adverts has changed the way we view social media. Advertising platforms on popular sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are able to serve up highly targeted ads to increasingly specific groups of people. Using granular campaign focus, it is now possible to target very specific individuals within certain age groups, genders, geo-locations and interests. Data collected from such campaigns can prove a very valuable source of information to help steer and refine overall SEO strategy, maintaining consistency across all digital channels.

Final thought

SEO and PPC compliment each other in a way that allows digital marketers to vastly improve the impact of search campaigns. A strong online presence is both useful and vital to a successful business. Let your SERP brand dominance begin!