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NST Group

NST approached CandidSky in May 2016 to increase traffic and conversions

NST Group is the UK’s largest educational travel company, designing custom school trips to destinations across the UK, Europe and worldwide for nearly 50 years.

The company approached CandidSky in May 2016 with a clear central goal – to increase the number of teacher enquiries for school trips through their website. We decided to combine our search engine optimisation, pay per click and CRO expertise to achieve this goal in the quickest possible time.

The brief

  • Increase the number of bookings through the NST website
  • Generate more informational enquiries from schoolteachers
  • Achieve a stronger brand presence in search engine results
  • Account for business seasonality and the need for short-term results 

Our solution

We immediately laid out an integrated three-month campaign involving PPC, SEO and conversion optimisation. This collaborative approach allowed us to increase traffic to the NST website and begin to make quick conversion gains prior to the September rush.

A key challenge early on was to bridge any existing web page and content gaps so we could target highly relevant search terms that were resulting in potential lost traffic. We soon started seeing a significant shift in vital keyword rankings, which meant that many of NST’s web pages shifted to the first page of Google search rankings. Using A/B split testing we created and tested dedicated landing pages against the existing search results pages to further boost ranking potential.

Meanwhile, we also got to work on a comprehensive rebuild of NST’s AdWords account, forming a new segmented structure and creating priority subject and destination campaigns in order to invest the budget in the most profitable areas. Persuasive ad copy and rigorous landing page tests play a key part in NST’s search success.

105% increase in conversion rate118% increase in enquiries35% increase in non-brand traffic

We’re particularly proud of…

This was a highly time-sensitive project that tested our ability to deliver exceptional results to a very tight schedule.

Missing the boat here would have impacted NST’s business projections for the entire year – we made it with time to spare.

Vicky Hope

Marketing Manager
NST Group

We’re really pleased with the service we’ve received from CandidSky, the team provide an exceptional level of digital knowledge alongside practical hands-on day to day support.  We’ve made some significant changes and seen some significant performance improvements in a short space of time. CandidSky have quickly become a valuable addition to our in-house team

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