Google recently updated RLSA!

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) provide great opportunity to optimise your search campaigns. They let you tailor your keyword bids, and ad text, for your highest value prospects (people who have visited your website in the past) when they’re searching for your product or service. In this blog I talk about two of the latest updates by Google.

1. RLSA membership duration extended to 540 days

Since the feature went beta in 2012, RLSA has only included users who visited an advertiser’s website in the previous 180 days. This restriction meant there wasn’t much in the way of opportunity for reaching users who only visit your site a couple of times a year. Google has now tripled the duration to 540 days. This means tonnes more opportunity to tailor campaigns when seasonality is a factor, or a long buying cycle requires a lot of customer research before a purchase or enquiry is made.


2. Cross-device remarketing with RLSA

Historically, advertisers could only remarket to visitors on the device they visited from. This wasn’t ideal. We, advertisers, would like to be able to target users through remarketing lists regardless of the device they’re using. With cross-device remarketing this dream has finally become a reality – now anyone who is signed into Google can be reached through RLSA.

This is very important. We constantly change devices – swapping our work mobiles for our home tablets, our personal phone for our friend’s laptop. Google has recognised the importance of keeping users engaged on their multi-device journey and is taking steps to help advertisers report effectively. 

Final thought

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) are becoming increasingly powerful. Using RLSA effectively in your PPC campaign presents more opportunity for highly targeted ads, no matter what time of year or what device your customers are using. Get to know RLSA to ensure your brand enjoys maximum exposure.