We’re now deep into the August 2023 Google core update, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to take a deep dive and unpick things that are worth talking about. So we can help you. 

The last Google algorithm update 2023 was released in March, and that impacted search heavily, with businesses seeing lots of volatility with their rankings. But let’s see what this one has brought.

Update – Rolled out

Google confirmed that the August 2023 Core Update had fully rolled out on September 7th 2023. Now, having a month’s worth of data to crunch, we can take a look at how it has impacted search.

What do we know about the August Google algorithm update 2023?

As always, Google doesn’t specify exactly what has been changed/updated. But what we can do is take a look at the rank volatility between this update and the previous, which would be the March 2023 Core Update. The data that we found suggests that the SEPRs after the August update were less volatile than the March update by some way, with volatility not increasing by much at all compared to the days before the August update. 

This indicates that the August Google algorithm update 2023 was a small update compared to core updates in the past, however, it’s not to say that the update is any less important. Many businesses are still seeing fluctuations in their rankings.

Here’s what Aleyda Solis had to say about it on X:

What should you do now?

Whether you’ve seen fantastic ranking boosts or dramatic declines, the key is not to panic. It’s easier said than done, but rash decisions and harsh changes to your site could do more bad than good. Google always states that if you have seen drops in rankings, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your page or its content is bad.

If you’ve seen positive or no changes — that’s great news! Just keep your eyes on the rankings and hopefully, your quality content will only keep your pages flying up the SERPs.

How to recover from a Google algorithm update

Unfortunately, there’s no one way to fix your precious rankings if the Google Algorithm hits you. The best thing, as Google also advises, is to focus on writing quality content and follow their quality rater guidelines. Google also provides guidance on building high-quality sites, so it’s worth taking a look at that and seeing how your site aligns. 

Google has also recently released its September 2023 Helpful Content Update, with further classifier developments that rewards great content — woohoo! 

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