Case Study

Radisson Hotel Group

1,000s of hours saved

The brief

Radisson Hotel Group were diligently capturing data on their UK hotels’ customer care standards. However, collecting, collating, and analysing that data was a lengthy, manual process.

So Radisson approached CandidSky to develop a solution that would:

time spent with data

reporting wherever possible

their ability to compare hotels with each other

User-focused design

To ensure a smooth transition for Radisson staff, the new application would need to mimic the existing data capture and entry process.

So we devised an app whose entry fields were the same as the previous reporting spreadsheets.

However, the entry mechanism was made far more intuitive and simple – so hotel staff could enter their own data much more quickly.

Fast and reliable

We built Radisson’s new app on the latest tech – ReactJS/MeteorJS (the same technology Facebook messenger uses). That ensured a speedy load time, with real-time updates – and no crashes.

We also manually migrated historical data to the new app.

This allowed hotels to compare current performance with past performance, presented through easy-to-digest graphics.

Intuitive reporting

Built-in reporting tools enabled management teams to compare territories and individual hotels with each other. Action lists were auto-generated based on data, which could then be exported for performance reviews.

We also trained senior Radisson staff on how to use the app, and provided ongoing support.

Radisson UK were so impressed, they presented the app to their European counterparts who also loved it – leading to the app being rolled out internationally.

Radisson's results

Through the new app, we helped Radisson reclaim: