HS Direct


Increase in conversions YoY


Increase in new organic users

The brief

HS Direct’s target audience are small to medium-sized businesses across various industries, particularly those involved in construction, manufacturing, engineering, and other sectors where health and safety compliance is crucial.  

HS Directs target audience covers the following:

  • Construction site managers 
  • Project managers
  • Health & Safety Manager
  • Director of Health & Safety 
  • Compliance Officer 

Our campaign focused on buyers who are at the top of the conversion funnel, ready to make a purchase. 

We considered all three pillars of SEO, including technical, authority and relevance


What We Did:

Relevance strategy

Previously, the client has tried to gain traction by ranking for broad search terms such as “health and safety documents”, which yielded little results due to how broad and untargeted they were. As a result, the majority of clicks to the website were branded.


  • Conducting keyword research at a product level  
  • Identified low handing fruit terms and developed a strategy that focused on product search queries to reduce clicks to conversion.  
  • Optimised product pages in line with keyword research and strategy.  
  • We developed a robust internal linking strategy to support the user journey (also to pass authority throughout the website and to ensure that all key pages were crawled and indexed) 
  • Developed pillar and cluster blogs to demonstrate E-E-A-T. 
  • Use AI to analyse E-E-A-T of pages at scale.


The purpose of the commercial product optimisation strategy way to

  • Highlight the value points provided from purchasing 
  • Answer Q&As about the products
  • To include optimised copy that supports ranking improvements in line with Google’s Algorithm updates


Authority Strategy 

To make competitive advantages, building backlinks is therefore equally as important as developing commercial and information based content for the website. Our aim was


  • To build links to the main category pages, ensuring that all of the key category pages were linked internally, to benefit from authority increases. This was segmented to the main Method Statement Template and Risk Assessment Template products
  • To target links that have a domain authority above 20/100 to support the growth of the page authority.  
  • Gain links from industry-relevant blogs, to ensure that the link profile was relevant to the searches. 

We planned to build at least 4 backlinks to the ranked page over the 4 months based on the competitor link velocity which is between 4-6 backlinks that are of value each month.


Technical  Strategy 

Without strong technical health, creating content and building links is a fruitless exercise. Our technical strategy focused on:

  • Conducting a full-scale technical audit at the beginning of the campaign  
  • Fixing broken and redirected internal links 
  • Conducting monthly health checks and making various fixes 


  • Increase in organic conversions
    43% increase from target.
    YoY conversions increased by 61%   
  • Increase new users by 20,000 YoY
    53% increase from target.
    YoY new users increased by 141%. 
  • Increase sessions YoY
    71% increase from target
    YoY sessions increased by 147%