Increase in YOY new organic users


Increase in YOY organic leads

The brief

Userzoom is a leading UX research and testing platform for enterprise brand like Google, Oracle, and Santander. Having built its success through account-based marketing Userzoom wanted to cement its position as a thought leader by increasing content visibility and new user acquisition through organic search (SEO).

Improve visibility for educational content

Improve overall organic visibility

Increase leads from organic search

How we did it

A new SEO strategy for a new direction 

When Userzoom approached Candidsky, they had previously worked with other agencies who continually missed the mark on their acquisition goals. So one of the first things we did was create a new commercially driven SEO and content strategy to help Userzoom reach new heights. This was centred around our core SEO success principles. Content, technical and relevance. The result of that was a new SEO campaign and plan that focused on the most pressing problems and solutions, which helped Userzoom grow exponentially over the next 24 months.

Creating new content & optimising existing content

Userzoom has always been a strong thought leader in UX, research and testing, which meant the website already had a lot of informative content. However, 90% of this was unoptimised for search and ranking poorly, so we developed a comprehensive plan to optimise existing content for search which included thousands of pages. This ensured that at all stages of the buyer funnel, users could find what they were looking for within the search engines. We also identified a plethora of content gaps when conducting our competitor research, which informed our team to create new compelling service pages and content that reached the first page of Google within 3-6 months.

Building links & increasing domain authority

As part of our new strategy for Userzoom, we identified that the website was lacking on its domain authority and backlinks compared to competitors, so a large part of our strategy was reaching out to relevant publishers and bloggers within the UX and research field and creating compelling content that links back to Userzooms core service pages. This resulted in a 30% increase in Userzooms domain authority and moved over 50% of tracked terms into top three positions – generating new user sign ups and conversions that provided a healthy ROI.

Results that speak for themselves

  • Increased organic traffic by 72% YtD.
  • Increased new users by 50%.
  • Improved the quality of leads and increased the lead to conversion rate

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