Increase in new users from Organic traffic


Increase in new quote requests & transations

The brief

As an eLearning provider, iHasco provides high-quality courses to businesses in Health and Safety and Business Compliance. For this brief, It was important for iHASCO to increase customer acquisition and improve its overall non-branded visibility in the SERPS (search engine results page)


Increase online transaction through organic traffic

Increase non-branded rankings for online course related terms

Improve free trials taken through organic

How We Did It

How we did it

In order to develop our SEO strategy, we started by conducting keyword research for iHASCO. This study revealed numerous opportunities for on-page optimization, which we carried out from top to bottom. Making category pages and product pages as specialised as possible while still providing the user with useful information as a priority.

These pages have also been boosted with structured data (AKA Schema) this is a markup to Google which helps them identify what the page is about but also enriches the search appearance of pages within the index, which can lead to an increase in click-throughs from users, not only that but we considered this in our backlink strategy. It was important for us to build high-quality backlinks to increase the overall domain authority of the iHasco website, which has had a large impact on overall rankings and visibility for non-branded terms.

Blogs are still relevant.

We determined that it would be preferable for blogs to be published once a month as part of our content strategy for iHASCO. This will increase the scope of our long-tail keywords while also enhancing landing pages with in-house connections from the blogs. In turn, this benefited the overall performance of the campaign as Google is constantly rewarding sites with useful content.

eliminating cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization occurs when you have too many identical or similar keywords spread throughout the content on your website, which was one of the major problems that iHASCO had when we first started the campaign. Over the following months, we fixed this b meticulously de-optimizing pages that were poor actors as well as by optimising the targeted page.

Results that speak for themselves

  • The average keyword base rank of 381 tracked terms is 12.5 with 140 of these appearing in the top 1-3 positions and 127 appearing within the 4-10 brackets.

1st of July 2021 / 2022 

  • 47% Increase in users from organic search.
  • 16% increase in new users from organic search.
  • 46% increase in organic traffic page views  
  • Organic search made a 31.54% increase to unique purchases from organic traffic
  • 20% Increase in transactions from organic traffic
  • 1237 free trials given from organic traffic
  • 1890 quote requests from organic traffic
  • 12% increase in single-use course purchases from organic traffic.

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