Fortis Lettings & Management


improvement in booking efficiency

The brief

Fortis Lettings and Management had a couple of problems. Students were finding the process of booking accommodation with Fortis less than smooth.

And leaseholders of properties managed by Fortis were also finding the manual booking process challenging at their end.

So Fortis tasked CandidSky with:

Improving the booking experience for students

Simplifying property management for leaseholders

Streamlining the end-to-end process

How we did it

Deconstructing the problem

We needed an application that would make Fortis’ booking experience faster, easier, and more comprehensive for both tenants and leaseholders.

While software was available to facilitate some of these functions, no true end-to-end system existed. So a brand new system would need to be built from scratch.

Building the solution

We planned, designed, and built a custom booking application – MyFortis.

It would provide students with a user-friendly interface for booking accommodation and paying rent. The leaseholder-facing part of the interface meant bookings could also be confirmed instantly, and rental funds disbursed automatically (previously a manual process). That saved both Fortis and leaseholders on administration time, making Fortis more attractive to leaseholders.

Adding an “extra level”

MyFortis was so successful, Fortis also commissioned CandidSky to revamp the public-facing website, Fortis Student Living.

A full redesign made the property browsing and booking experience more satisfying for students. The refreshed site also improved the number and quality of SEO and PPC-generated leads.

With Fortis Student Living and MyFortis working in harmony, students and leaseholders now enjoy a simple and rich end-to-end experience with Fortis.

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