Case Study

Peninsula Business Services

£1.20 cost per lead (previously £25)

The brief

Peninsula Business Services were already leading the HR and employment law sectors in search engine visibility. But they knew competitors were rapidly gaining ground on them.

So Peninsula approached CandidSky to:

search engine visibility further

a greater percentage of their visitors into leads

their cost per conversion of £25


First, we revised Peninsula’s scattered SEO efforts to focus on cohesive impact.

That meant delivering contextually relevant backlinks – consistently. It meant targeting the most valuable informational and commercial keywords. And it meant prioritising technical improvements with the highest return on time investment.

This helped drive an 86% increase in organic sessions and allowed scalable, sustainable growth.


Peninsula were active across five territories (Ireland, Scotland, England/Wales, Isle of Man, Channel Islands). But they had no local SEO strategy – so search engines were listing Peninsula’s pages in incorrect regions, leading to cannibalisation.

Through locally-focused technical work, we rectified this, strengthening the relevance of traffic and leads.


Next, CandidSky redeveloped the Peninsula website to better convert traffic.

A new user-focused layout improved usability, creating a more engaging experience.

Site architecture was remedied to improve visibility of valuable content; new guides on HR and employment law provided value and helped improve rankings for informational searches.

And ongoing conversion rate optimisation (CRO) helped drive down the average cost per conversion.

Through continual testing and improvement, we reduced the cost per conversion from £25 to £1.20.

Peninsula's results

Over a three year period, we’d driven:

  • 86% increase in organic sessions
  • £1.20 cost per lead (previously £25)
  • 293% increase in average monthly conversions

“From month three, we had already made more gains than it took our previous agency 10 months to make.

“CandidSky always advise with the project’s best intentions in mind…which I feel is extremely valuable.”

Chris Wareing Digital Marketing Manager, Peninsula Business Services

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