Often people create great content but fail to maximise its impact. 

Your website is a living, breathing part of your digital brand. Every update you make plays its part in interacting with visitors, customers, and search engines. We all know it’s integral to add fresh pieces as regularly as possible. The benefits are very real – the more frequently you add articles, downloads, and web pages, the more regularly search engines visit your website. This gives your site an improved chance of ranking highly for target terms. But it’s not often people leverage their content to produce maximum gains from it.


Increase your reach

You’re posting plenty of fresh, well-written content. Great. Now it’s time to get as many people reading and interacting with it as possible. Good quality, engaging content tends to generate links organically, but it never hurts to help it along its way. We find these tactics very beneficial for our clients:

1) Mention expert sources in your article… and link to them

Once your content is published, share it on social media and mention the people you’ve referenced. They will see it and often re-share it.

2) E-mail the sources you have referenced and ask them to share it or link to it from another source

Anytime you mention someone, email that person to let them know you’ve done so. If you ask them nicely enough they might just promote it for you.

3) Turn the content into a SlideShare, .pdf or even a video

On average, SlideShare receives millions of unique visitors every month. If you can tap into that audience your content will get a big boost. Video deserves a special mention here: when you produce and publish a video, you can isolate the audio to create a podcast and scribe a transcription to sculpt a blog post -3 bits of content in 1!

If you want to learn more about how to start up with your PDFs and get the best out of them, make sure to check this “How to edit a PDF” guide.

4) Submit your content to relevant communities

There are a number of sites that allow you to submit your content to an established audience. The competition is strong on these sites, but if your content is of a high quality, you’ll attract some attention and receive a good traffic boost.

5) Create snippets in your content so people can easily share key messages

Engaging snippets that people can share on social media can be a great way of catching people’s attention and stimulating interaction. Snippets might include:

  • Variations on the content title
  • Short key statements from within the content
  • Key statistics from the content

Final thought

Interacting within your industry and engaging with your peers is a great way to increase brand awareness and raise your website’s authority on search engines. Above all remember to keep your content fresh by planning and following a schedule, and ensure a high level of quality to prove the value of your content to as many people as possible.