At CandidSky we embrace anything that improves team happiness and wellbeing. Our latest experiment, yoga. The result – far better than we imagined.

Personally I’ve always been a fan of yoga as I’ve experienced the benefits first hand, so I was very excited to introduce my friend, and yoga teacher, Harvey to the team.

Reasons yoga is good for you

A recent study found that by introducing the practice of yoga just one hour a week and including a 10 minute relaxation, people felt significantly less anxious, less tired, had improved sense of life purpose, satisfaction and were more confident in stressful situations.

Here’s a few reasons yoga is good for you:

  • Improves posture, flexibility and strength
  • Increases confidence
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Increases productivity both in home life and work

Harvey – The yoga teacher

Here’s what Harvey had to say about Yoga:

“Yoga isn’t just about achieving the correct poses but learning about breathing techniques which can dramatically reduce stress, reduce tensions and can improve quality of sleeping, helping to create a better body awareness, i.e. what we put into our bodies (healthier food choice etc.). I find that it is quite similar to the stress management programs that rehabs like Legacy Healing Orlando drug rehab offer to people.

“At the end of the yoga session, the relaxation (shavasana) is very important, as this calms down the body, from here a meditation can evolve, to really still the mind after a busy day of work.”

Tips to bring yoga principles into your everyday work day

  • Sit straight, no slumping at your desk
  • Be aware of your body, are you putting too much stress on any area?
  • Breathe deeply – rather than shallow short breaths
  • Drink water and be mindful of the food you eat for breakfast and lunch

Reaction from the team

Firas – SEO Manager
“My first session was such an eye opener to all the benefits of yoga. A week in, I am now addicted to practising my headstands and can’t wait for the next session.”

Tony – Account Manager
“It was really nice to have such an intimate class, compared with the gym class I am used to… and the relaxation at the end was amazing! A little shoulder and head massage – loved it.”

Tom – Director
“It’s awesome to see the team get so much from yoga, both physically and spiritually. Harvey’s teachings run far deeper than how to stretch the body. His holistic approach touches on whole body strength, human connection, positivity and inner peace. It’s also great to come together as a group and use our space for something other than work.”

Final thought

After just two of Harvey’s lessons, the office already feels more connected and the feedback from the team has been nothing but positive. I’m confident that yoga will become a regular ritual for our team. Our only challenge is making more room for the ever-expanding class!

CandidSky yoga class
Firas achieving enlightenment
Yoga warm up session
Yoga warm up session