Stories are a massive part of what makes us human. We tell tales to teach, entertain, pass on knowledge, share ideas, express ourselves and build togetherness…

Don’t believe it? Cast your mind back to childhood days sitting expectantly on a primary school carpet.

It’s just after lunch. The smell of thirty lunchboxes, recently closed, lingers in the classroom. Chocolate bars and juice cartons are being slowly digested by the second – a recipe for unruly children.

The teacher begins to tell a story. One by one, restless kids slowly calm and zero in on the tale being told. It’s the one about the tortoise and the hare… more haste, less speed.

The kids cannot hide their dislike of the boastful hare as he ridicules the slow-moving tortoise for having such short legs. They laugh when the tortoise challenges the hare to a race. They sigh when the hare takes an early lead. They gasp when he chooses to take a nap halfway through. And, finally, they cheer when the tortoise wins the race.

You’d be surprised how little some things change.


Storytelling in business

Every business – big or small, new or old – has a story to tell, and chances are their target audience is much larger than thirty schoolchildren sitting on a single carpet.

In the commercial world, there is no better core piece of marketing content for a business than their own authentic narrative. It educates the market on the product or service you are offering, and the moral thinking behind it. More than that, if you can capture public imagination with this story, their understanding and attachment to your brand becomes deep-rooted.

It begins by establishing why a business exists. Where do its roots lie? What makes its offering unique? What impact has it had on the market? What does it aim to achieve in future?

So often it’s about unearthing the right metaphors to express these key messages and create a memorable, entertaining experience for your audience – one that underlines brand vision and values in emotional felt-tip.

The story of the brand becomes a vital foundation on which to build a content strategy that’s carefully personalised with a specific target market in mind. It allows you to start creating and curating more content that appeals to people’s hearts, as well as their heads.


Where we come in

At CandidSky, we know how to translate brand vision and values to any digital marketing channel or platform.

They say never judge a book by its cover; but that doesn’t mean dazzling covers and arresting blurbs don’t serve an important purpose, particularly in the digital arena where websites are every business’s new shop window. Our expertise in website design, development and content marketing can bring any brand story to life online.

Take our recent work with Drontal, a world-renowned worming medication for pets, for instance.

Drontal needed a new front cover for their product. We were tasked with building a website that cements their brand experience and engages pet owners from the moment they land on the site. This also meant devising plenty of interesting tidbits to keep visitors clicking and scrolling through key information on the site.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look yourself.

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