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We are CandidSky, an award-winning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency based in Manchester city centre.

Our proven approach to search engine optimization drives results and can help your business to grow.


Are you here to increase revenue and achieve long-term business goals?

Good news! You’re the type of client we love to work with. As an award-winning SEO agency in Manchester, our SEO work is 100% focused on helping businesses like yours grow.

Just like any worthwhile investment in your business, search engine optimization (or SEO) takes time. That’s why our Search Engine Optimisation process focuses on lasting benefit – giving you the best possible long-term ROI.

Our SEO team understand the importance of breaking down a campaign to a granular level, which is what sets us apart from other SEO agencies in Manchester. Search engine optimization can bring long-term results to your business and our team work hard to help you achieve your goals.

We will never try to give you a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, our SEO strategy is carefully developed by considering  relevance, technology and authority to create a campaign that is best suited to the needs of your business.


We uncover your most valuable keyword ranking opportunities. We get to know your potential customers. We analyse the keywords they use – but we also find context in their search habits.

It’s how we discover what’s driving their search behaviour. And it helps us create outstanding content – giving valuable solutions to their queries.


We make technical tweaks to help search engines crawl and index your pages. It’s how we ensure they reward your site with improved visibility.

And when search engines value your site, it’s because they think your customers will too. Win-win.


Earn authoritative backlinks consistently over time. Build genuine relationships. Create natural connections.

That’s how we’ll get you ahead in search engine rankings. But more importantly, it’s how you’ll stay ahead. Because our SEO experts earn legitimate links that will insulate you from algorithm updates.

So while your competitors worry about algorithm loopholes closing, you can focus on closing your sales loops.

The fundamentals of SEO

1. Keyword research and SEO strategy

Understanding your audience is always key. We’ll uncover what your audience is looking for, the terms they’re using, and how they’re using them. We’ll apply this research to your site. And we’ll ensure you’re as visible as possible for your most valuable search terms.

Whether you’re looking to rank locally, or nationally, we can create a keyword research strategy that’s bespoke to your business needs.

2. Technical SEO audits and consultancy

Technical SEO is about keeping your site healthy. Making sure it’s easy for search engines to crawl, analyse, and index. So we’ll inspect and audit any issues in your website’s structure. And we’ll go behind-the-scenes to fix it.

3. On-site SEO optimisation

A strong site offers a great experience for users and search engines. So we improve everything we can – from page content to title tags. Search engines reward you with visibility and traffic. Users reward you with conversions.

4. SEO Content planning

You’re the industry experts. We’re the communication experts. We’ll spot content gaps, offer recommendations, and produce quality pieces. We’ll uncover opportunities to help your audience even more – and encourage them to become your customers.

5. Link development

We’ll help you acquire links. Relationships. Connections. Legitimate links that reinforce your site’s authority and value. That insulate you from algorithm changes. That get you – and keep you – ahead in search rankings.

6. SEO Monitoring and reporting

SEO takes time. So we focus on the long-term. We’ll continually monitor your search performance and your website health – keeping you up-to-date at every step. Your SEO reports will be transparent and straightforward, delivered by a plain-speaking account manager. And crucially, we’ll always link back to what really matters: your business’ growth.

Featured case study

Peninsula Business Services

Peninsula Business Services were already leading the HR and employment law sectors in search engine visibility in Manchester. But they knew competitors were rapidly gaining ground on them.

So CandidSky developed an SEO strategy that helped Peninsula achieve:

  • +86% increase in organic sessions
  • £1.20 cost per conversion (previously £25)
  • +293% increase in average conversions per month

Building your SEO campaign

Local SEO   

Do you manage a law firm looking to connect with clients in your area? Perhaps you run a chain of restaurants and need to manage multiple locations? Our Local SEO campaigns utilise Search and Google Maps to ensure your customers find you when they need you. Our team has a wealth of experience developing local SEO campaigns and working with Manchester-based clients, as well as clients from across the UK. If you’re looking to increase your businesses visibility in a specific area, then get in touch with our team today!

International SEO

Looking for new ways to grow your business? Is your website reaching into new territories, connecting to new audiences? We have the technical experience and expertise to ensure every version of your website works for you.

Ecommerce SEO

With so many methods and opportunities to connect your products to your buying audience, Ecommerce websites require a different approach to SEO. Depending on the maturity of your SEO, and directed by opportunity analysis, our approach includes ‘top of the funnel research’ and ‘bottom of the funnel conversion’ phases.

Mobile SEO

The latest data shows 60% of searches now happen on mobile devices; mobile SEO is officially ‘SEO’. Our campaigns are built with a mobile first approach for good reason.

Website migrations

We wrote the book on SEO migrations. Literally. Whether you’re building a new website, or moving your existing one to a new domain, we have the experience needed to unsure everything goes smoothly.

Integrated campaigns

As a performance agency, everything we do is focused on helping your business grow. To support this, our SEO, PPC and Content teams are integrated to squeeze every ounce of performance from every channel.

Frequently asked Manchester SEO questions

You may be wondering what sets CandidSky apart from every other SEO agency in Manchester. We make the complex simple. No buzzwords, no marketing jargon and absolutely no gimmicks. Just real results, presented in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Plus, we focus on 'the 20%'. In other words, we'll help you discover where your company's real value lies — the audience who converts. And once we've found that, the results will speak for themselves.
Unlike other Manchester SEO agencies, we'll let you do the talking. We know you're a leader in your industry. That's why we'll always listen to your values to ensure we deliver what you deem as success. Once we've done that, we throw assumptions out of the window. Using intensive research, we'll discover exactly what makes your audience tick - and deliver campaigns that expertly cater to their needs.
The rising star of the Northern Powerhouse, Manchester is a city brimming with innovation and industry. That's why we based ourselves right in the heart of the city - just a short stroll away from Piccadilly train station. And it means you can easily find us for a good catch-up. If you're looking for an SEO agency in Manchester, you won't be short of choice. At CandidSky, our analytical and transparent approach sets us apart. We are firm believers that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to search engine optimization. Our team will take time to understand your business, so that we can develop an SEO strategy that will help you to achieve your goals.
Not based in Manchester? Not a problem. Although we are a Manchester SEO agency, we work with clients from all over the North and beyond. So, you can either pop into our Manchester SEO agency, or we'll come to you.
From bottomless brunch to secured loans, we get stuck in and work with any industry. But that doesn't mean we'll apply the same tactics to every campaign. Whatever your field of work, we'll adjust our strategy around your industry. That means expert local optimisation for your branch of restaurants. That means flawless FAQs that pass every compliance check. And it means campaigns that deliver maximum results, every time.
Only you know what success means for your business. It could be more traffic. It could be more conversions. Or it could be something entirely unique. Before we get started, we'll work with you to define your benchmarks. Ultimately though, we know your bottom line is what drives your company - so we'll measure the success of your search engine optimization campaign by your return on investment with us.
We like to credit our impressive track record to our three pillars of SEO (technical, relevance, and authority, if you were intrigued). But what really sets our results apart from the rest is our data-driven approach. Before we work on any campaign, we'll carry out detailed research. This means every single stage of our campaign will be totally tailored to your industry.
We'll deliver monthly reports that succinctly summarise the changes we've made to improve your site. Your report will include any potential areas of growth we've spotted each month, along with what we've planned for the month ahead. We won't bombard you with unnecessary information. Everything we report will be catered to your individual targets and goals - which means we can deliver the best possible results for you and your business.
We'll track the success of your SEO campaign with your specific targets in mind. Whether you want a higher ranking or more traffic, we'll track metrics that reflect your own goals. We understand your business is unique - so we'll work with you to ensure we meet your targets.
In the past, we've carried out overseas SEO for a number of clients. While we specialise in local SEO, we'll always create a strategy that caters to your audience's needs - wherever they are in the world.
No matter how big or small your campaign is, communication is key to getting great results. We'll keep you in the loop with at least one monthly call, plus a minimum of one face-to-face meeting per quarter.
You'll have the chance to meet everyone who works on your campaign, either during our proposal or launch meeting. Because it's always reassuring to put a face to a name.
Our 12-month fixed contracts are perfect for delivering results that last, while our 6-month rolling contracts offer more flexibility.
Just like everything we do, we keep our payment structure straightforward. When you work with us, we'll agree on a monthly budget and a schedule that delivers maximum value for you.

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