Paid media (PPC)

Some call it pay-per-click. We call it paid media.

Because you don’t just want to pay for clicks. You want to generate income – at the lowest cost possible.

That’s why our paid media experts think beyond clicks to deliver the return you really want.

Want no.1 spot in GoogleAds?

Then we’re probably not the agency for you.

Because we get our best results when we’re leading paid media strategy.

Of course, we could get you that no. 1 spot – if it fits your objectives. But we get better results when we shape your paid media goals around your business targets – not the other way around.

Ongoing optimisation

Your goals. Your audience’s behaviour. Our expertise.

Combined, they determine how, when, and where to advertise.

Our GoogleAds-certified experts analyse data and gather insights. And they’ll use it to ensure your audience sees your message when they’re most receptive – making them more likely to convert.

It means we can just sit back and watch the results roll in.

But we don’t. Instead, we tirelessly analyse, scrutinise, and optimise every keyword, schedule, and advert. It’s how we ensure your return from paid media continually increases.

Earn even better returns

When paid media complements services like SEO and content marketing, it’s even more effective.

It means you can promote your strongest content to new audiences. It means powerful search insights that benefit both paid and organic search results.

And most importantly, it means a versatile budget that helps deliver the strongest possible marketing results.

Just like the results we got for Buddy Loans…

Featured case study

Buddy Loans

Buddy Loans wanted to reach – and convert – more potential loan customers.

Through digital strategy, content, SEO, and PPC, we helped Buddy Loans achieve 5,635 additional loan sign-ups within just six months.

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  • Tahir RashidPaid media executive

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