Digital marketing strategy

Strategy. It’s about finding the best route to your long-term goals.

Through insight and intuition, our digital experts will help you map out that route.

We think backwards

Where do we begin our planning? At the end.

Because your end goals are the most important part of your strategy.

So we’ll ask for your commercial targets. We’ll research your audience. We’ll analyse all the data we can get. And we’ll tie it all together to create a strategic recommendation.

But not before the really important part…

We uncover insights

Ask a digital agency for insights. What you’ll often get is observations – a giant list of “what the data says.”

Except “insight” means understanding the true nature of what’s happening. And data can’t tell you that. Only people can.

That’s why find real people – the human faces of your target audience. We ask them “why?” Because only they can reveal the emotions behind the data.

It’s the essential context that turns observations into insight. And that’s what turns plans into results.

We push your business forwards

At every step of your digital marketing campaign, we’ll monitor and report on progress. We’ll gain further insights. And we’ll optimise your long term plan for stronger results.

Most importantly, we’ll outline the commercial benefits of your marketing activity – in plain English.

Because when you combine great strategy with transparent reporting, the result is a prosperous relationship that benefits everyone.

Featured case study

Peninsula Business Services

Peninsula Business Services were already leading the HR and employment law sectors in search engine visibility. But they knew competitors were rapidly gaining ground on them.

So CandidSky developed a strategy that helped Peninsula achieve:

  • 86% increase in organic sessions
  • £1.20 cost per conversion (previously £25)
  • 293% increase in average conversions per month

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