Content marketing

“Content” can be virtually anything.

Articles. Videos. Web tools…

All that really matters is that your audience values it. So we get to know them. We find out what they want. We produce it. And we make sure they love it.

We start by listening

How do you help your customers?

Do you bombard them with information? Or do you ask what they need first?

We take the same approach with content marketing.

We don’t start with our ideas, we start with the audience’s. We analyse all the data we can. And we find out what the audience wants. What makes them tick. And what their problems are.

Then, we ask the question that’s so easy to forget…

We plan, produce, and perfect

Once we know your audience inside out, we plan and produce your content.

We take the problems they’re facing and create content that solves them. And we decide exactly when, where, and how they’ll see each piece. Only then do we decide on formats – like video, how-to guides, interactive tools, or whatever else fits the brief.

Crucially, we ensure your content all works together – as well as with other services like SEO. And we continually monitor performance, fine-tuning your content marketing strategy as we go. That’s how we ensure your audience always values – and trusts – your content.

The result?

Content that turns target audiences into loyal customers.

We get real results

Our content can help boost engagement. Get you more clicks. And increase your website traffic.

But none of that puts money in the bank.

What’s important is how it all translates to commercial results. So we’ll show you exactly how content is helping grow your business. And we’ll do it in plain English – not marketing jargon.

It’s how our content sets us apart from the competition. And it’s how we’ll ensure your content sets you apart from yours.

Featured case study

Buddy Loans

Buddy Loans wanted to reach – and convert – more potential loan customers.

Through digital strategy, content marketing, SEO, and PPC, we helped Buddy Loans achieve 5,635 additional loan sign-ups within just six months.

  • +99% increase in organic loan applications
  • +55% increase in total loan applications
  • -51% decrease in cost per loan

Frequently asked questions

Content captivates your audience. Content sparks conversation. And, most importantly, content converts. From press releases to product pages, we deliver content that creates customers. And once we've done that, we'll make sure your audience come back for more.
Content marketing doesn't start and end with a blog schedule. We'll discover what really makes your audience tick (and click). Whether that's tweets, emails, videos, or something totally different, we'll create content designed around your customers.
Successful content speaks to the right people in the right way. After intensive user research and customer profiling, we'll discover exactly what your audience looks like. Then, we'll shape our content strategy around what they're looking for.
Every brand has a story to tell. Our job is to capture what makes you different and convey that to your target audience. How we communicate your story depends entirely on you and your business. From social media to landing pages that convert, we don't limit ourselves to any one kind of content.
Before a customer commits to a sale, they interact with your brand up to eight times. Content marketing is designed to plug those points of interaction. From the initial stages of browsing to the point of conversion, we'll create content that seamlessly leads your audience to the next step.
That all depends on what you deem as success. Whether that's reaching a bigger audience, gaining a higher ranking, or just more conversions - we'll use tools that measure what's important to you.
Our content marketing can tie into our SEO strategy seamlessly. If you're measuring search visibility alone, we'll adapt our content strategy to suit our SEO practices. Or, if you're after higher engagement or a brand overhaul, our content strategy will take the lead. Our content and SEO team work together to ensure our campaign hits every single one of your targets.
Whatever your content strategy involves, it's important to stay on the same page. We'll keep you updated with at least one monthly call, plus a minimum of one face-to-face meeting per quarter.
Direct marketing, like email, can yield results almost instantly - whereas a social marketing strategy can take months to gain momentum. Put simply, it all depends on what methods of content your strategy involves.
Content marketing can nurture leads from the very beginning. From a viral tweet to a high-ranking blog, we'll put your brand on the map. Once we've attracted the attention of your potential prospects, we'll craft content that leads to effortless conversions.
We offer both 12-month fixed contracts and 6-month rolling contracts.
We believe in making the complex simple. Because we know you're not interested in multi-channel attribution or the latest buzzwords. You want real results, delivered in plain English. So that's precisely what we do.
We've based ourselves in the very heart of Manchester, just a stone's throw away from major transport links. That means you can easily find us to catch up over our latest work. Our strategists and producers have a wealth of experience on local, national, and international campaigns. So whether you're targeting the Manchester market or the entire world, we can help.
Not based in Manchester? No problem. We work with clients from all over the North - and we're more than happy to travel to you.
We know you want clear, regular, easy-to-digest updates on your content. We also know you want us working on getting results - not writing epic reports that take hours to understand. That's why we offer a balanced approach to content reporting. Your web-based content schedule will be updated in real time - so you can log in 24/7 and see the live status of every piece of content. We then use monthly calls and emails to report on the overall success of your content plan. It means you get total transparency, while we keep the content production line moving.

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