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Cardivore is a next-generation tool for creating and sharing digital content

Introducing Cardivore

Cardivore is a web-publishing tool for consumers and small-to-medium businesses, that allows them to rapidly create pages of information and share them on the web.

Whether you’re telling a story, inviting to an event, or selling a product online, Cardivore will help you create a beautiful page faster than anything else out there.

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Ebbing and flowing

Cardivore is built on top of our custom framework: Ebb. Because we know these systems inside-out, there’s nothing we can’t build. Cardivore is a great example of that — something that would be very difficult to build on any other platform.

Also: because Ebb has been optimised for speed and security over several years, it’s a rock-solid base; making Cardivore quick, stable, and built for scale.

Cardivore also utilises our drag-and-drop CMS Flow, giving everyone access to the same next-generation drag-and-drop interface normally only available to our enterprise-level clients on large custom-built websites.

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Enabling creativity

If you’ve ever used a CMS like WordPress, you’ll know they’re built around one box of text. Every page looks the same, and every page is boring.

Cardivore isn’t just for text — it lets you pull in blocks of content and rearrange them at will. Blocks include simple text, images, tables, and dividers, through to rich interactive elements like forms, galleries, ‘buy online’ blocks, and more.

In addition, you have full control over the look and feel of the page. Control fonts, colours, spacing and more with interactive sliders that live-preview on your actual page content.

And even better: each page can have its own style, so each page can become a standalone piece of art — not cramped by the style of the rest of your website.

No more websites

Because Cardivore is focused on pages alone, it immediately removes most of the overhead that goes into building entire websites.

Imagine you have a product or event to promote. With Cardivore you can put together a single page of information in half an hour — but compare that to creating an entire website for it, and you could be spending several days, especially if you have to bring in a digital agency to build it for you.

In addition, businesses and people who already have an older website, that may not be providing the level of customisation they need, can use Cardivore alongside it to publish standalone pieces of content or to test independent ideas.

Cardivore is a great platform for getting ideas out quickly and sharing them with the world. It lets you focus purely on your content, and the CMS gets out of the way.