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The Specter Partnership

Specter approached CandidSky at the end of 2015 to enhance their online brand visibility following a new website build

The Specter Partnership is a London-based law firm that comprises a team of highly qualified solicitors. Their practice focuses on specialist medical negligence, personal injury and compensation.

With over 25 years experience in the legal industry, Specter sought to use our PPC and SEO expertise to further strengthen their online reputation and reach the largest possible modern audience.

The brief

  • Consolidate two existing PPC accounts into a single account
  • Drive higher levels of traffic to the Specter Partnership website
  • Establish a profitable and scalable PPC campaign
  • Meet a specific cost-per-enquiry

Our solution

To meet the initial challenge of combining the two separate PPC accounts, we devised a strategy to incorporate both areas of the business (medical negligence and cosmetic surgery) within a single campaign that advertised The Specter Partnership brand. We worked closely with the Specter team, conducting extensive keyword research within the market so that we could begin to identify and prioritise the terms most likely to result in clicks and conversions.

Once completed we were then in a good position to launch the campaign at the turn of 2016, start tracking data and spot any opportunities to optimise the account. It wasn’t long before Specter also asked us to take control of their SEO activity. Running the two services in tandem is an ideal approach because the impact of one complements the other and enables a brand to become more dominant in the search results. It also gives you double the data to analyse and optimise.

We soon started to see a continual uplift in website performance month after month and were also able to beat our cost-per-enquiry target ahead of schedule.

Increase in conversions by 200%Cost-per-enquiry reduced beyond targetConsistently hitting KPIs