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Drontal approached CandidSky in 2013 to rebuild their website and cement their online brand experience.

Drontal, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical giants Bayer Group PLC, is a world-renowned worming treatment for cats and dogs.

The company explained their vision for a personalised website that engages and educates pet owners from the moment they land on the site.

The brief

  • Build an interactive website for the Drontal product.
  • Place creative emphasis on a highly engaging home page.
  • Design a personalised login portal for Drontal customers.
  • Create a custom SMS text message reminder app.

Our solution

We created Drontal’s fully interactive website using our in-house PHP framework, Ebb and Flow. We developed Ebb and Flow because it enables us to develop websites and applications much cleaner and quicker than any other platforms we have previously worked with.

We wanted the Drontal website to immerse online passers-by, so we plotted an interactive storyboard. Each visitor was invited to dig beneath the soil for themselves, clicking between scenes to unearth key facts about garden tapeworms. Our animated graphic effects brought the story to life.

Customers also had the option to upload a profile on behalf of their beloved pooch and share photos with other owners through our personalised login portal.

Engaging interactive websitePersonalised customer login portalCustom SMS reminder interface

We’re particularly proud of…

The Drontal SMS reminder service. It’s a web interface that gives Drontal customers a nudge via text message when their dog is due for another treatment.

This added another level of personalisation to the user experience, plus we always get a kick out of building nifty digital tools from scratch.