We’ve observed scheduling and operations tasks being managed manually using Excel spreadsheets and email for years.

As software developers it pains us to see missed opportunities for automation, and ultimately, efficiency and cost savings.

We’ve been particularly affected by our observations of the Third Sector. Time and time again we’ve seen unnecessary administrative pressure piled on staff, preventing them from doing what they were born to do – help others. We like a challenge at CandidSky, so we decided to see if we could help.

Our stats

Our Managing Director, David Beharall, has always wanted to return to his roots of professional football, to give back to the organisations that gave him the skills he uses as a business leader today.

Beharall was involved with Football Foundations during his time at Oldham Athletic and his brother, Steve Beharall, has been involved with Football Foundations through school sport for the past 10 years; he now heads up Operations at Newcastle United Foundation. So, it was natural for us to look at football, we dived head first into Foundations to tackle the challenges they are facing.

Team tactics

We took our findings to other Foundations to see whether staff were experiencing the same issues, and they were. Patterns started to emerge, we kept hearing about the same pain points. This was clear grounds to suggest software would help improve the day to day operations for staff, senior management, trustees and funders.

Our solution aims to overcome the three main operational challenges Foundations currently face that are hampering growth:

  1. Scheduling Limitations — Investing in a scalable scheduling solution will remove administrative bottlenecks whilst freeing up the Office Co-Ordinator time to concentrate on growth
  2. Staff Capacity — Management are unable to determine whether existing staff capacity is being maximised, making decisions on growth more difficult
  3. Quality Assurance At present, many Foundations have no way of reporting ‘what good looks like’ to funders, schools and parents, the community or staff. Opportunities to share success stories, improve services or provide regular feedback to staff, that would contribute to growth, are being missed


We’re looking to talk to more Foundation staff who face similar challenges with scheduling, capacity and quality assurance. We’d love to hear from you, you can arrange a call with me, or if you’d prefer, you can fill out our quick survey to tell us how we can help your Foundation.