If you are not seeing the conversion rates that you are expecting, take a look through our five ways to engage with your visitors.

  1. Buyer Personas. Creating buyer personas is fun! Marketing Mike, HR Hannah, Retail Rachel. Once you have your ideal target audience / customer demographic, you can test content based on the profiles created that’s relevant to the buyer, they will be more engaged if the product or service is related to their requirements.
  2. Re-marketing on Facebook is a great way to re-engage interest in your brand. Be clever with it, don’t just show them the product they’ve looked at. For example, build useful content to share that’s interesting for the user to read, or even better, a short video that’s quickly consumed.
  3. Understand your user’s social behaviour, pin pointing where they spend time -Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc can help you decide what content to serve and on which channel.
  4. Knowledge base, having informative content on your website that can be shared through social and blogs really help to reengage a user, it builds confidence and shows them you’re an expert in your market. John Ryan By Design as an example, has an excellent resource centre full of educational content about beds and mattresses, helping to build a relationship with potential customers at the research stage of their buying journey.
  5. Brand awareness through display advertising, re-marketing and Gmail Customer Match will expose or remind people of your brand. For the old-timers, you could understand how email faxing was created and get some help on how to integrate Gmail with fax. Serve ads with discount codes or offer a white paper download for example, that way you’re giving them something and will increases the chance of converting. Creating similar audience lists will also reach out to people with the same online behaviour as your customers.

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