How long will it take to see results on AdWords?

Depending on the level of demand for your keywords, we would usually expect to start seeing impressions and click data in the first day of running ads.

Generating leads or conversions can be more difficult to predict but we would expect them to increase over time with continual optimisation.

We can provide an estimated number of conversions based on industry metrics and the expected click through rate from your keywords. However, there are multiple factors that can affect conversion rate – these can include the product being sold, the ease and feel of your website, the offering of your competitors, your ad visibility and more.

Why is my daily spend not consistent on AdWords?

If your spend is going over the daily budget it is likely that there was an increase in demand for that day, meaning that more people were searching for and clicking on your ad. AdWords automatically shows your ads more when search volume increases.

You will not be charged more in a month than your daily budget multiplied by 30.4 (the average number of days in a month).

If search traffic is low, you may not spend your full daily budget, to counteract this, budgets can be opened wider to account for days that do have a high demand and will spend more – it is important to monitor the spend manually to ensure costs do not exceed the monthly budget.


Google Adwords

How can I reduce costs?  

The more clicks the campaign gets, the more money it is going to spend. While more traffic is likely to result in a higher number of conversions, there are always ways to make the Cost Per Click (CPC) cheaper.

  1. Lower your bids – this is the easiest option but the campaign may receive less impressions as a result. AdWords will only charge you 1p above competitors up to your max CPC so if your bids are much lower than competitors, the ads will receive less visibility.
  2. Improve quality score (explained below): this can be done by improving the landing page experience and ensuring the keywords and ads are relevant to user search terms.
  3. Reduce wastage – focus on the low cost/high converting keywords and pause high cost/low converting keywords
  4. Change match types – When keywords are set to ‘broad match’ they will gain increased visibility but may pick up less relevant search queries. Changing the keyword to exact match will ensure that ads only pick up users searching for that exact query, resulting in a lower volume of impressions but a higher CTR from a more targeted audience.


What is quality score and how is it calculated?

A score between 1(bad) and 10 (good) that determines the quality of your keywords in relation to your ads and website. This is determined through multiple factors including:

  1. The landing page experience – is the content relevant to the user’s search query and the ad? Does the site have a fast page load speed? Can the user navigate through the page easily?
  2. Ad relevance – does the ad answer the query that the user is searching for? Is it linking to the correct landing page?
  3. Expected CTR – does the ad offer a call to action and relevant information to encourage the user to click?

How can I increase my impression share?

The google definition of impressions share is:

The impressions that you’ve received on the Search Network, divided by the estimated number of impressions that you were eligible to receive.

The impression share shows how competitive your ads are. You can increase the number of impressions in a number of ways:

  1. Increase your cost per click – AdWords will only charge you 1p more than your competitors are bidding so you need your budgets to be high enough to stay 1 step (or penny) ahead of the game.
  2. Increase your budget – your keywords may be popular but your ads will not show as often as they could if the budget is limited. You can use the column ‘Search Lost Due To Budget’ to see which campaigns are most affected.
  3. Improve your ad rank – your ad rank is calculated by the max cpc x quality score.
  4. Change your keyword match types – by making your keywords more specific you may decrease the number of impressions you are eligible to receive. If your ads are relevant enough and your CPC is competitive, you are likely to generate a higher impression share

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