With  250 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is a valuable B2B platform which can effectively promote your company, grow revenue, and add value to customers as well as employees. If you’re stumped on how to improve your brand visibility using LinkedIn, here are some tried and tested approaches:

Company Page:
Think of your company page as being as important as your website. For many people, LinkedIn will be the first place they interact with your business (with a LinkedIn Bot, to be specific). The imagery, content, and style of this page reflects your brand, creating that all-important positive initial impression. Therefore, make sure your company details are all up-to-date and any content on the listing clearly explains your product offering and how you’re superior to competitors.   

You can also publish ‘Showcase Pages’ which are dedicated to specific products and services. That means you can publish content which appeals to different audience segments.

If you want to see a great example of how this works, LinkedIn leads the way with its spectacular showcase. Conveniently, it is also full of great tips and step-by-step instructions for setting up and optimising your company page.

Recruitment firm Hays has also produced a great company page. Their company statement clearly defines what they stand for and they also post regular useful content to aid job hunters.

Paid advertising:

As Facebook changes their algorithms following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and reduces how advertising works on the platform, marketers are understandably looking to focus their spend and efforts on alternatives.

LinkedIn marketing boasts impressive conversion rates in comparison to other social media networks like Facebook and offers a variety of advertising formats such as text ads, sponsored content as well as inbox mail.

These highly targeted advertising options ensure you’re reaching your defined audience and allows you to nurture their development through the buying process.

You can see the approach that Oracle has taken with their sponsored content below, leading with a prominent image and concise text. 

Advertising jobs

A free way to advertise any positions within your business is through posting on your company wall. Although this allows for applicants to approach you directly, there is also the opportunity to use LinkedIn as a wider hiring platform. For example, by using paid postings, you can set job adverts and control these through daily budgets. As a bonus, you’re only charged when a candidate views the post.

As LinkedIn is actively used by job seekers, it is a no-brainer to feature any positions you have on the platform.

Here is how Talk Talk use their Linkedin Company page to host their available positions.

LinkedIn has a dedicated ‘Publishing’ section where anyone can publish an article on any topic. Articles can’t be published by a company itself as it has to be from an individual, but there is obviously the connection back to the company as an employee.

This is often called ‘thought leadership’ content you can effectively open up a dialogue with customers and position yourself as an authoritative figure to solve your customers’ problems Articles then remain on the personal profile of the publisher.

Wrapping up:

Don’t forget that through the analytics section of LinkedIn, you can also gain crucial customer insights into your followers and see how your content is performing in terms of engagement. In turn, you can use this information to improve your marketing strategy.

Armed with this knowledge, we hope you have everything necessary to improve your own company profile and enhance your business’ LinkedIn marketing efforts. Of course, if you’re really stuck, our CandidSky page has some great features.