If you’ve ever dabbled with email marketing, you’ve probably heard this nugget of advice before. You might have even seen data-backed studies proclaiming Tuesday morning to be the golden window for sending campaigns.

But is it really that simple? We don’t think so.

Before you start scheduling every email on a Tuesday morning, it’s worth considering these key questions:

Who are you speaking to?

It’s not about the day you send your emails on. It’s all about your audience.

The best day to send your email will differ depending on your industry. If you work for a not-for-profit, you’ll enjoy higher open rates on Sunday. And if you work in the food industry, you’ll be better off sending an email on a Wednesday.

Work in retail? Then sending an email on Tuesday really does give you the highest open rate.

Campaign Monitor did some digging and found the best days to send an email by industry. As you can see, no single industry is the same. That’s why it’s so important to research your audience before you start scheduling any emails.Best days to send an email by industry:

source: campaignmonitor.com

How do you define success?

You’ve done your homework. You’ve found the best day to send an email in your industry. And, thanks to some testing, you know for a fact you have a higher open rate on Tuesdays. So far, so simple.

But does a higher open rate always equal success? Someone could open your email and decide to unsubscribe from your mailing list. While that’s the worst-case scenario, it goes to show a higher open rate won’t always positively impact your bottom line.

If you’ve designed your campaign with conversion in mind, it’s best to measure the click-through rate instead. Even if you have the strongest open rate on a Tuesday, you might find your highest click-through rate is on a Saturday.Let’s say your email features your latest range of fashion deals. You’ve used a punchy subject line with a tempting discount. You’ve sent it on a Tuesday and seen a higher-than-average open rate. What’s not to like?

But if your email lands in the inbox of a fashion-lover on Tuesday morning, they might not have time to browse. They might peek at the email and decide to shop online later on – or just forget about it altogether. After all, if the majority of your audience works on a Tuesday, they might not have time to click through to your site.#ffffffOne of the most comprehensive studies by GetResponse analysed around four billion emails between January and June 2019. As the study took so many industries into account, the results revealed there’s actually very little difference between any of the weekdays:

Source: optinmonster.com

How can I find the right day for me?

Instead of following the latest studies, it’s well worth tailoring your campaigns around your audience’s unique habits. Here’s how you can find the optimum time to send your emails:

  • Test, test, test

In the world of email marketing, A/B tests are the best way to narrow down your audience’s likes and dislikes. Think a shorter subject line is more attention-grabbing? Test it. Reckon your audience clicks through your emails on weekends? Test it!

  • Send surveys

If you’re not sure when your audience likes to receive emails, ask them. Allowing your audience to have a say about their preferences could lead to a better engagement rate.

  • Be reactive 

It’s easy to fall into the habit of sending your campaigns on the same day every week. But sometimes, it pays to tailor your campaigns around seasonal or weekly events instead.

Want to capitalise on your audience’s payday? An email sent on the last Friday of the month would likely perform better than a Tuesday. Everyone busy chatting about that big match? A well-timed football-themed email could lead to higher engagement.

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