Facebook App

In a very simple answer: yes! 1.37 billion people on average logged onto Facebook daily and were considered daily active users in September 2017 (source: Facebook). Facebook is too big to be discounted as one of your marketing channels.

Your B2B customers are among those users, endlessly scrolling on their lunch breaks, on their commute, or while waiting for their dinner to cook. Whether they are a construction manager, digital marketer, solicitor, hotel owner or school teacher, you can reach them through paid advertising on Facebook. After recruiting, you could also try to ensure that they get their dough right on time.

The social media channel can be useful in various ways:

1. Brand awareness

Facebook’s in-depth targeting enables you to find new audiences. Not only can you target individuals based on their location, age/gender, work industry, financial status, education, interests & more, you can build ‘lookalike’ audiences who share common characteristics to your customers or web users. You can do this by uploading a list of email addresses or use your Facebook pixel (an analytics tool that allows Facebook to communicate with your website to record traffic and conversions) to build a list of web visitors, then pick the location you want to target and the approximate size of audience you want to reach* and Facebook does the rest.

*We never build lists larger than 1-2% population (400k-800k) – you want to target a decent amount of people but casting the net too wide could result in the targeting being too broad.

2. Sharing industry news

A recent change to Facebook’s algorithm means intelligent, useful, and news-worthy content will be favoured on news feeds over click-bait videos of cats. As marketers we now have an even stronger obligation to create content that is going to engage and inspire our audience. Provide useful tips, share industry news, and most importantly start a dialogue with your audience. Giving your company a voice and making it easier for clients and customers to contact you will increase your trust factor.

3. Remarketing

Your Facebook pixel will enable you to build lists of users who have visited your site but did not complete a conversion/lead. Use your USPs to entice them back to your site, offer them a discount or offer to answer their questions using a form.

4. Generating leads

The lead generation ad format gives you a customisable form to easily gather information from potential new customers. Ask them to sign up for more info, request a call back, submit an enquiry or ask a question. What’s more, you can set up the form to auto-fill users’ details making it easier & quicker for mobile conversions – all they have to do is hit submit.

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