Today I’ll be covering questions that we get asked often, should I have a blog? Your comments and questions are welcome – please comment below.

Read time: 5 minutes.

  • What is a blog?
  • How does it benefit my company?
  • Should I have one?

What is a blog?

A blog can be what you want it to be, a news feed, a list of articles, as set guides, a handbook, a diary, etc. Put simply it is a list of items that can be read by your public. They are usually ordered by date – with the most recent at the top, and sometimes can be sorted by categories. Need a further explanation? – contact me by commenting below or email via the contact page.

How can it benefit my company?

Blogs can benefit a company in so many ways.

Interesting Content for Visitors – Visitors to your website can probably find out about all your company and its services from your pages. But a blog can help you communicate your brand values via a less formal environment. This could be the sticking point that makes users return to your site more often to catch up on what’s new, or somewhere for them to comment, and get involved in your brand.

Search Engine Rankings – Not only do your customers like to see something new when they visit your site, but search engines do too. Search engines rank websites higher when they have fresh content published to them regularly. Also by writing articles centred around a particular topic you can aim to appear higher for specific key search phrases on search engines.

You may think that by having a single page where customers can find out about what’s happening right now is the same as having a blog, but it’s very different. Each blog, (or news story, article, guide, etc) can each sit on its own page, with its own keywords and own specific url. This all contributes towards a very search engine friendly page.

Going Viral – Blogs are perfect for linking into social sites such as facebook and twitter as they can invite customers to like, comment and share blog articles with ease. The more times a blog article is passed around, the higher the potential for a viral effect.

Should I have one?

YES! – In the current climate I would say that a blog is absolutely essential for every website. Even though the focus might be slightly different – ie some companies use blogs to update customers on a news feed, others use them to provide real value through articles and guide.

The way that this content is arranged in a blog format makes it perfect for the web.

  • It can be ordered in a list with an icon and a summary for each article
  • It can be date ordered with new content at the top
  • It can be fed into numerous places using RSS feeds
  • It can be categorised and tagged for easy organisation

If you’d like to find out about how to get a blog installed on your website, please contact us