Facebook Places

Sharing places with your friends

Facebook’s location-based Places service according to Mark Zuckerberg is about finding places and sharing them with your friends.

The service, which allows people to “check-in” wherever they are, can be used on a mobile phone and the user can list people who are “Here Now”.

Facebook Places also lists nearby businesses and attractions, and the social network site targets the locations it lists to each Places user.

Users “check-in” to get discounts

The service has become so popular with users “checking-in” at their favourite restaurants, bars and even their local gym that Facebook has now allowed people check-in to get discounts and earn rewards for repeat visits.

Businesses can now add special offers on Facebook Places to try and get more customers through their doors. Deals such as “2-4-1 on pizzas if you check-in with us tonight” can be found by users and they are taking advantage of them.

Will others create a similar service?

I have recently seen people in restaurants use the Facebook check-in service to get a 2-4-1 deal and why not? It saves you cash and tells your friends on Facebook about the deal.

Businesses have certainly recognised this is as a market that is worth dipping into as Facebook deals are getting more people dining in their restaurant or drinking in their bar. It publicises the company to others on the social network site and gives a chance to build a relationship with their customers online.

The service is a brilliant idea from Facebook and others will certainly follow. Groupon are looking to do a similar service as I’m sure plenty of others will because the chance to connect with their customers is what every business wants.