Web connected devices

Internet traffic set to get a huge boost

The Telegraph has reported that we should expect the number of web-connected devices to reach 50 billion by 2020.

Research carried out by networking company Cisco revealed that by 2015 there will be seven billion mobile devices globally and the higher use of video will result in internet traffic quadrupling by 2014.

At the moment there are 14 billion devices that are thought to be connected to the internet. Interestingly, machine-to-machine communication is expected to play a much greater role than mobile phones or laptops.

People will bring own devices to work

A spokesperson from Cisco stated that home networking speeds are to increase twenty-fold over the next ten years and people will start to bring their own devices like laptops and mobile phones to work.

It has raised the question that using your own devices in the work place will raise security challenges but it is believed users are more productive if they use their own devices.

Will companies use this approach?

The news story revealed some technology companies have already started to allow workers to use their own devices and it is expected to increase rapidly over the coming years.

Citrix have already started to give their employees a budget to purchase a laptop rather than giving them a company machine.


p>Technology is always improving and I think it is a great idea that companies are starting to give employees a budget for a laptop. That way the companies won’t get stuck with old laptops and people will be more productive if they have their own device. Can I see it happening? I certainly can.