The eBay marketplace is no longer a phenomenon; it’s a hobby, a livelihood, and even a way of life for millions of addicts around the globe. But no matter how much you sell on eBay, odds are you’re missing a few opportunities to maximize your bottom line. Here are some tips that can help.

Keep an eye on eBay fees

It is quite easy to get carried away on eBay and list a lot of items but before you know it you can end up owing eBay more money than you have actually taken in sales. When you add together FVF (Final Value Fees) listing fees & Pay Pal fees you will soon find out that eBay isn’t necessarily an easy place to turn a profit.

However the biggest and most crucial fee to factor into you eBay business is the re-listing fees! If you regularly auction lets say 100 items a week at £0.60p an auction and 50% don’t sell, that’s £30 per week or £1,560 per year in re-listing fees to consider.

Offer a 7 day returns policy

Buyers feel safer buying from sellers who offer a 7 day return policy and any businesses selling online must offer this by law. to cover yourself display clear terms and conditions within your listings and eBay pages.

Take good quality photo’s

You certainly don’t need an expensive camera to take good quality photo’s of your items, so long as your images are re-sized to a suitable resolution ( I would recommend 480 x 640) and have good lighting then you will be better than 50% of eBay sellers!

Keep listings simple

Some sellers use multiple fonts, colours, text sizes & flashing graphics but all this does is detract from the item they are selling. Others go to the extreme of writing too much information on their items when actually all you need are the main features of your item for example: colour, size, brand, new or used etc.

File Exchange

This is the eBay’s best tool by far as it allows you to create & revise your listings in a spreadsheet. The idea behind it is to separately host your pictures online and to create the item specifics in the spreadsheet then link the two together and upload them to eBay.


p>This may sound simple and it is …. eventually! it takes a while to get to grips with but worth its weight in gold once mastered as it saves massively listing time. Here at CandidSky we are highly experienced in File Exchange and can help you out offer some advice for free or even a full tutorial should you wish, please contact us for further details.